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Salmon Salad: Spotlighting A Classic Luncheon Treat

Amid today’s struggle to make ends meet, it’s too easy to lose track of dishes we all enjoyed regularly in times gone by. So it was an epiphany when sister Erin proclaimed, “I can’t remember the last time I made my Famous Salmon Salad!”

Salmon Salad Sandwich - ©

Erin’s Famous Salmon Salad: Simple and healthy, on Italian-style bread.
Time to prepare: 10 minutes. Allow to rest in the fridge for a few
hours or overnight to develop a delicious integrated flavour.

She dropped what she was doing and immediately went out to the supermarket to get some salmon. We had already everything else she needed in the house – and so, probably, do you.

Get the right salmon

Erin says, and I wholeheartedly agree, that the kind of salmon you use in her recipe is critical to its success.

You’ll find several varieties of salmon on the canned seafood shelf at your local grocery: Sockeye, Coho, ‘Pink’ and ‘Wild Caught’. Sockeye is not the cheapest type you can buy, but it’s definitely the most flavourful. And even at 3.05 per 100 g / $6.49 per 213 g tin, it’s not all that costly compared to fresh fish, beef or chicken. But you can still step down to ‘Wild Pacific Pink Salmon’ for just $1.40 per 100 g / $4.79 per 213 g tin, without too much loss in flavour.

Get several tins. One standard 213 g tin of salmon will make up into enough salad to stuff 2 standard-sized sandwiches.

You’ll also need…

Erin always makes her Salmon Salad using 4 cans of fish per batch. For that much fish, you’ll need:

  • 10 – 15 Pitted Green Olives, sliced or chopped (to your taste)
  • 1/3 cup Green Onions (or whatever onion you have on hand), chopped
  • 1/2 cup Mayonnaise (or more; enough to moisten the other ingredients to the consistency you prefer
  • A pinch of Salt (if you find your finished salad needs it)

The proportions of the ingredients are one factor that makes Erin’s Salad special!

What you do

In a large glass or stainless steel bowl, mash the salmon with a fork to a smooth, even consistency.

Add all other ingredients except the mayo and stir to distribute evenly among each other.

Add 1/2 cup mayo and stir to combine with the fish and veggie mixture. Evaluate the texture of your salad and add more mayo if desired.

Taste for Salt.

About your bread

I’ve had all kinds of folks try to sell me on all kinds of breads and rolls as being best for a Salmon Salad sandwich.

I’ve tried it on Kaiser Rolls, premium Hamburger Buns, Hotdog / Sub Rolls, Light Rye Bread, square Fancy Sandwich Loaf, Whole Wheat and plain White. I’ve also seen mouthwatering versions on Baguette, Bagels and Croissantes! The secret is, Salmon Salad goes with any kind of bread! Everyone has their fave. And your fave bread will make Erin’s Famous Salmon Salad all the more special for you!

To butter or not to butter?

Some folks insist tat you butter both the top and bottom slices of your brad or roll. Others (including Erin) insist Butter is superfluous to a proper Salmon Salad Sandwich. After all, your filling is dressed with Mayo!

I tend to agree with Erin, and not just to keep the peace in our kitchen! I’ve also noted that buttered bread injects a potential inconvenience in a Salmon Salad Sandwich. The filling slip-slides around, and you’re in danger of squeezing some out the bottom every time you take a bite off the top!


First and foremost: The Olives are the big secret in Erin’s Salmon Salad. Don’t leave them out!

You can add a leaf of Lettuce, if you have some in the house.

Some diners may also find a small squeeze of lemon juice a nice addition.

Many folks add diced Celery to stretch the volume of their Salmon Salad. Erin says that just ‘waters down’ the starring ingredients. I agree.

Some also add a sprig of fresh Dill, or a pinch of the dry, flaked herb. This touch does not go well with Erin’s Famous Salmon Salad. It clashes with the Olives, which contribute all the complex, complementary flavour you need!

You can, of course, also serve your Salmon Salad on a plate with the Lettuce leaf, and maybe a couple of Cherry Tomatoes on the side, for colour.

Finally: If you share your home with cats or dogs, you’ll just have to learn to ignore them swarming your ankles and staring up wide-eyed at you while you’re making this dish…

The bottom line

Even using premium Sockeye Salmon, the cost of one sandwich using Erin’s recipe comes out to around $4.75. That’s a true bargain compared to the $8 – $10 you’d pay at a mid-range restaurant or sandwich counter!

~ Maggie J.