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Parents Protest Black History School Menu

We are now truly living in the Age of Trump. Anything goes. America is being turned upside down. Nobody knows what to protest or what to approve of anymore. Parents in one New Jersey town are complaining about a special Black History Month lunch menu at one of their high schools…

Black History Menu - © Hopewell Valley Central HighHere’s the posted menu for the contentious soul food lunch menu. I’d go back for seconds!

Staff and the school lunch caterer worked together to put together a menu that would celebrate Black History Month with ‘soul food’. The only departure from a real soul food feast was the substitution of Spinach for Collard Greens.

But some parents and some students – obviously not down with Black History Month – complained the menu was ‘stereotypically Black’.

The school issues an apology saying: “The decision to include these items without any context or explanation, reinforces racial stereotypes and is not consistent with our district mission.”

I don’t think the school should have apologised. The only flaw in its plan to expose students to ‘soul food’ was not to provide sufficient context for the menu in question. Even so, it does say ‘In Celebration Of Black History Month’ right off the top!

And so what if the meal is ‘stereotypically black’? I’d have gone back for seconds if they’d ever served such a feast at my high school’s lunch counter!

I have a strange feeling this is not the last dystopian food-related story that will be spawned in the Age of Trump…

~ M.