Organics: Can you taste the difference?

Here we go again… Another flash mob of guerrilla foodinistas has struck, at an Organic Food Show, and proved what we and other mainstream foodservice industry types have been saying for ages: There’s no discernible difference in taste between ‘regular’ and organic foods…


Organic Produce - © www.yummymummyclub.caOrganic Produce. Can you tell the difference just by looking… or tasting?

“Is it live or is it Memorex?” asked a maker of magnetic recording tape way back in the dark ages of the 1970s…

Now a couple of video-blogging foodinistas from LifeHunters in the Netherlands have taken that concept several steps further, feeding McDonald’s mainstream menu items like Burgers and McNuggets to self-proclaimed Organic Food Experts at an International Organic Food and Products Expo. The results were no surprise to us, but, probably, left the so-called Experts red-faced.

So, one again, I say: A multitude of blind taste tests carried out by neutral researchers have shown, time after time, that even the most exulted Organics Experts cannot tell the difference, by taste alone, between Organic and ‘regular’ foods. And that’s just the icing on the cake: Multitudes of university and medical studies have shown that there is no difference between Organics and ‘regular’ foods in nutrition or wholesomeness.

The difference is the presence of artificial growth aids – fertilizers in plants and hormones in animals – and pesticides and other chemicals used to help optimize the crop in ‘regular’ farming circles.

Even so… There are still measurable amounts of ‘bad stuff’ in most foods and products billed – even certified – as Organic.

If you are ‘into’ organics, fine. That’s a cultural and political statement, like being Vegetarian. Just be aware that you are paying appreciably more for foods that are arguably no that much ‘better’ for you!

~ Maggie J.