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Make Easter Leftovers Exciting!

It never fails… As soon as Easter Brunch (or Supper) is cleared away and the dishes are done, someone is asking me how to deal with the leftovers. I’ve got a few ideas that will make your Lamb/Ham/Turkey Encore seem like a whole different meal. Try some of them and you’ll agree!

Boneless Leg of Lamb - © afamilyfeast.comA perfectly roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb… With roasted vegetables and a
Red Wine reduction sauce… Just the beginning of a cavalcade of
delectable post-feast fare!

First of all, decide what you can freeze for another day. Portion out freezer bags of meats and (if you made it) stuffing.Then decide if you want to eat sandwiches for the next week. Or even for one day. Then…

  • Think about cobbling together a stew from the leftover boiled and roast veggies. This option is particularly attractive if you had Lamb for Easter, but Turkey also works well.
  • If you overestimated on the Mashed Potatoes for the Easter Feast, think Shepherd’s Pie.
  • If you have Ham left over, think a Spanish Tortilla or an Italian Fritiata. That’s beaten Eggs mixed with Veggies and Meats or Seafood and oven-baked in a frying pan. Google up some recipes. Serve by simply cutting in wedges, like Quiche.
  • Speaking of Quiche, Ham is a classic inclusion for this French fave. You can also use some of the leftover Veggies if you wish. Broccoli, Asparagus, Kernel Corn and Diced Cooked Carrots leap to mind!
  • Ham also goes great in a pot of Baked Beans. This is one good way to use the Ham bone. Leave some nice bits of Meat on the bone when you trim off the bigger peaces of Ham.
  • Or, simmer the Bone to make Soup. Just don’t waste it!
  • Any sort of leftover Meat goes great in a Wrap. Go Mediterranean with Pitas or Mexican with Tortillas.
  • Tacos just naturally come to mind, as do Burritos, especially Breakfast bundles with Ham, Scrambled Eggs and whatever else you want to put in ’em.
  • Let’s go old school for a moment: Hash! The classic diner staple and a classic way to use up – and extend – leftovers into one more family-sized meal. Ham, Turkey and Lamb all make great protein bases for Hash. Got Boiled Potatoes left over? Cube them and toss them in. Got left over Stuffing? Crumble it and toss it in! Spice it how you like it and be sure to top each serving with a Sunny-Side Up Egg!
  • Still got Stuffing left over? Try forming it into flat disks about four inches /10 cm across and half an inch / 1 cm thick. Pan fry them in just a little Oil or Butter or – better yet – bake in a Waffle Iron. Makes a great base for any thing you choose to put on top if it. Think Open-Faced Sandwich…
  • Another old school left over treatment, loved by just about everyone: Turkey or Ham Salad, for Sandwiches or as a luncheon main on Crisp Lettuce Leaves.

Got the idea? Let your imagination run wild! You may find, as I have over the years, that you’ll be making more food on Family Feast Days than ever, just so you’ll have enough leftovers to make your post-holiday leftover favourites!

~ Maggie J.