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Lay’s 2016 ‘Do Us A Flavour’ Contest!

Lay’s Canada has announced the parameters for their 2016 ‘Do Us A Flavour’ Chip flavour challenge. This time, there are a couple of new wrinkles to the contest… But the principle is still the same: Vote on a selection of flavours and become eligible for one of five daily prizes!

Used to be that Canadian Chip lovers suggested new flavours to Lay’s and the best submissions were presented to the crunching public for voting. The flavour that drew the most votes earned the honour of joining the Lay’s official flavour pantheon.

This year, though, Lay’s is presenting its own selection of ‘classic international’ flavours in three groups:

  • Iconic Ingredients:

Iconic Ingredients - © 2016 Lay's Canada - Copy

  • Home Cooked Classics:

Home Cooked - © 2016 Lay's Canada

  • Street Food:

Street Food - © 2016 Lay's CanadaCanadians can visit to vote for their favourite until March 20, 2016.

Of course, you’d have to buy at least 12 bags of Lay’s Chips to try them all. And, multiplied by just 1,000,000 Chip lovers, that’s a cool 12,000,000 bags of chips. That’s about (C)$48 million at a conservative retail price of (C)$4 per bag. Now… Say Lay’s makes a mere (C)$1.50 per bag profit at the factory gate – that’s a cool (C)$18 million in their pocket, all for the sake of running a contest. Of course it’s a marketing exercise! And if it hasn’t already won at least one advertising industry prize, it should!

Getting back to reality…

Nobody will likely buy all 12 flavours.Well, almost nobody. There are some crazy folks (bless ’em!) who’ll take up just about any gustatory challenge, from Ghost Pepper Wings to Chocolate-covered insects. But there are some enticements to sample at least a large selection of the new flavours: You can enter up to three times a day and five daily prizes will be awarded to voters every day from now until March 20. Ah, those cunning contest designers!

We’ll bring you the resullts of the Lay’s 2916 Canadian ‘Do Us A Flavour’ contest post March 20.

Stay tuned…

~ Maggie J.