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Hooray For Teachers! SONIC Appreciates Educators

America’s Drive-In has brought back its semi-annual event to show appreciation for America’s teachers. SONIC is offering educators free food and beverages this week to help soften the blow of starting the new semester…

School Teacher and Kids - © american.eduAmerica’s Drive-In wants to help keep your kid’s teacher smiling…

SONIC certainly has a way with creative promotions. And their latest is a really good one. Starting today, teachers showing valid ID as such can get free drinks and munchies to help power them through their day.

Here’s the menu:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 16th: Free Large Drink or Slush
  • Wednesday, Jan. 17th: Free Regular Breakfast Burrito
  • Thursday, Jan. 18th: Free Small Cold Brew
  • Friday, Jan. 19th: Free French Toast Sticks

SONIC fans will already know the chain also runs this promo the last week of August to help teachers prepare for the kickoff of the new academic year.

Added value

Non-teachers can also make a contribution to education in their communities. A portion of the proceeds from every Drink, Slush, Blast, or Shake purchase goes to the Sonic Foundation. The foundation funds the Sonic Limeades for Learning initiative.

My take

As the daughter of a middle school teacher, I can attest to the pressures and challenges educators face every time they return to the classroom after a break. My step dad entered the profession in 1950 and retired in 1984. By then, he’d seen it all – and Mom and I had heard it all!

So… A special, personal ‘Thanks!’ from Mom and me for your thoughtfulness, SONIC!

~ Maggie J.