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Obesity File: Breakfast Protein Fights Fat, Boosts Brain

Good news for folks who believe a good breakfast is essential to start their day! A study from Aarhus University in Denmark shows that a protein-rich breakfast can help fight obesity and boost your cognitive performance…

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I’ve posted several stories in recent months highlighting the importance of a proper breakfast as a cornerstone of your day. Now, a new study confirms that a healthy, balanced breakfast not only helps you fight obesity, but boosts your mental abilities…

What they did

A team from Aarhus University ion Denmark set out to prove that breakfast is, indeed, ‘the most important meal of the day!’. And in doing so, they wantd to measure the effects of a high0protein breakfast.

Accordi9ng to an abstract of the study report: “The study followed 30 obese women aged 18 to 30 for three days, during which the women consumed a protein-rich breakfast, a carbohydrate-rich breakfast or no breakfast at all. The women’s sense of satiety, hormone levels and energy intake were measured at lunchtime. Their total daily energy intake was measured as well.”

What they found

“We found that a protein-rich breakfast with skyr (a [fermented]-milk product) and oats increased satiety and concentration in the participants, But it did not reduce the overall energy intake compared to skipping breakfast or eating a carbohydrate-rich breakfast,” reports study co-author Mette Hansen, Associate Professor and PhD at the Danish Department of Public Health.

The study notes, it’s findings are in line with previous findings that folks who eat breakfast tend to have lower BMIs than those who skip the meal. And breakfast eaters who include protein in their day-starter tend to feel full sooner. That results in them eating less overall.

The subjects also scored higher in mid-day cognitive concentration tests than thye did on days when they ate a high-carb breakfast or no breakfast at all.

The takeaway

Hansen says further research is needed to determine exactly what foods provide the greatest benefits in a protein oriented breakfast. Tests have already begun comparing high- and low-protein first meals of the day. Future experiments will focus on other parameters such as microbiota and cholesterol levels.

And Hansen predicts the research will lead to specifically-targeted nutritional ‘treatments’.

My take

Erin and I just naturally gravitated to a high-protein breakfast about a year and a half ago. And it’s been great. I believe it has helped me climb out of my Long-COVID health hole over the past 6-9 months. And I also believe it has helped me control my weight. I have noted the increased satiety effect.

I’ve also found I don’t suffer late-morning energy crashes any more. Maybe it’s because I’ve reduced my breakfast carbs by half, and cut out sugary stuff altogether. And segued from a Latté to black coffee.

And I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in my cognitive abilities. Particularly my abilities to concentrate and cogitate.

Eggs are a great source of protein. And recent studies have proven they cause no significant harm. Fermented dairy products like aged cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt are all protein heroes. They have also been proven to benefit your gut microbiome and help fend off metabolic syndrome.

My recommendation: Do the high-protein breakfast thing! It can’t hurt, and it can definitely help you live better and happier through the whole day…

~ Maggie J.

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