Happy 100! A FFB milestone…

This is our 100th post to Maggie J’s Fabulous Food Blog! Seems like only yesterday… But it was actually last August – ten months ago – that we welcomed you to these virtual pages. A lot has happened since then!

All along the way, we’ve brought you news of Maggie J’s latest menu additions and corporate developments, plus my take on the culinary news-of-the-day – and you know I don’t always agree with the mainstream food press… We’ve had a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to more!

Feel free to comment on any or all posts at the FFB and share your favourite recipes! We’ll share them with all our readers and see what they think… We might even name a new dish after you!

We’ve brought you a special series on Sauces and another on Kitchen Safety – both basics for any serious cook. And, of course, we’ve started an ongoing series called Cooking 101, which is designed to convey to you all the basics. And I hope, in offering these instructional opportunities, that we’ve impressed upon you how easy it is to cook great, wholesome dishes without taking four years of training at Le Cordon Bleu, or investing in a ton of expensive kitchen gear!

We’ve also started an ongoing series called The Smokehouse, in which we’ll be augmenting with posts about new recipes and techniques and cool grilling and smoking gear as they come up.

Most recently, we’ve inaugurated a new and ongoing series called Leftover Rhapsody, designed to make leftovers fun and delicious.

Look for our Cooking Methods series, starting soon under the Cooking 101 banner, right here at Maggie J’s Fabulous Food Blog!

And don’t forget to look in on and contribute to our ‘Say It With Food’ thread!

~ Maggie J.