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Future Diet: Study says Canadians Trending Veggie

A survey commissioned by the Vancouver Humane Society suggests that about one-third of Canadians are eating less meat and more veggies. From the raw statistics, it appears that folks of all age groups are trending toward vegetarianism or simply eating more veggies – for one reason or another.

Curious Cow - © cleantechnica.comAre we trending toward more ‘compassionate’ proteins?

We predicted it would happen. But not as quickly as it appears to be coming! Whether they want to eat healthier or save money on groceries in a day and age when animal protein prices are skyrocketing, folks are clearly exploring veggie options.

While the Human Society of Vancouver was probably looking for data to indicate that animals in general are less at risk of being eaten these days than they used to be, their survey turned up other interesting facts about the evolution of the Canadian Diet.

For example…

  • Overall, 8 per cent of those polled identified themselves as vegetarian and another 25 per cent said they were definitely eating more veggies.
  • BC, Quebec and Ontario were the most veggie-friendly of the provinces and territories.
  • Younger Canadians were found to be more likely to identify as vegetarians while older folks were more likely to say the were eating less meat.

Says the Humane Society, in summation…

“With delicious and varied veg options increasingly available in supermarkets and restaurants, it has never been easier to explore compassionate food choices.”

The survey polled more than 1,500 people from all parts of Canada about this time last year.

~ Maggie J.