St. Joseph McDonald's - © 2016 McDonalds

First ‘New’ McDonald’s To Open This Summer

The first of the new-look McDonald’s restaurants we’ve been promised for some time now will open this July in St. Joseph, MO, just outside St. Louis. Among its other charms and attractions, the franchisee says he’ll offer all-you-can-eat Fries and living room-style seating arrangements…

The New McDonald's - © 2016 McDonaldsSneak previews of the decor at the McDonald’s of the future – complete with
sofas, padded banquettes and restful earthy colours…

Franchise owner Chris Habiger says he’ll offer ‘bottomless’ Fries alongside his Custom Burgers when the restaurant opens later this year. As promised by McDonald’s last year, the whole ordering system will be revamped. Diners will use touch screen kiosks for ordering and they’ll be able to specify exactly what they want or don’t want on their Build Your Own Burgers. The touch screen system not only makes ordering more accurate but does away with with the need for counter personnel – a major saving for McD’s operators.

But the biggest change, for many McD’s regulars, will be the decor. Gone will be the primary colours and the at times over-bright ambience. Habiger is opting for something more Starbucks-y, featuring sofas and arm chairs in restful earth tones. (See photo above.).

And, once you’ve placed your order by touch screen, you can go claim your sofa and settle in. Servers will bring your meal to you as soon as it’s ready.

If it wasn’t for the trademark Fries and the unique aroma, you might not know you were in a McD’s…

~ Maggie J.