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Figuring Out The YEMMies…

There’s a new consumer demographic in play these days. It goes by yet another catchy moniker. You’ve heard of the Boomers, the Gen-Xers, the Gen-Yers and the Millennials. They all have their own peculiar likes and dislikes. But now there’s a new challenge for marketers: the YEMMies…

A YEMMie - © lisagoller.comYEMMies are very hands-on about their food. They want to balance tradition with
technlogy and are passing on their values and preferences to their kids.

What’s a YEMMie?

According to Canadian Food Insights, a YEMMie is a Young, Educated Millennial Mom. She has an average age of 29 and is likely to be in her ‘nesting’ phase, that is, settling down and probably starting a family. And she’s the head of her household. There’s the key, for marketers: the YEMMies are making purchasing decisions for their family units.

YEMMies have (collectively) immense spending power and are technically savvy. They make up a respectable 1.7 million Canadians; probably around 20 million Americans. According to recent surveys, YEMMies are planning for larger families than their predecessors and, so, will be spending even more on food and household goods as time goes on. The number of YEMMies is expected to double in the next few years, possibly triggering a Baby Boomlet. And that has many broader implications of its own!

What do they want?

YEMMies demand convenience. They need food preparation tasks to move along at a quick clip. Their average dinner prep time is just 30 minutes. Time is precious. It can be used for other things. This points to a growth in demand for pre-prepped foods, prepared foods from the supermarket Deli Department and other such ‘quick prep’ foods.

YEMMies demand information, NOW! They expect to be able to find nutrition and ingredient info online with a few taps and they know how to evaluate it.

YEMMies want all the ingredient buzzwords: Nothing artificial, no antibiotics or hormones and no GMOs.

YEMMies are more likely than the average shopper to seek out organic foods.

YEMMies love the idea of buying produce and meats grown close to home. That indicates a sense of belonging to a larger community and a sense of responsibility to the community. That’s good.

YEMMies try to balance a love for tradition with the natural urge to do things differently than their parents. They want the best of both worlds.

Are you a YEMMIE?

Good for you! the world seems to be turning your way. But marketers must still run to catch up with your peculiar mix of wants and needs…Good luck!

~ Maggie J.