Glazed Baby Carrots ©

Festive Sides: Grandma’s Glazed Carrots

Grandma didn’t have much to work with, but she worked wonders with what she had when it was time to put a festive meal on the table. One of her secrets was to make every-day staples extra special for the holidays – and her glazed carrots were always a favourite of mine!

Glazed Baby Carrots © michellestinykitchen.blogspot.caBeautiful Glazed Spring Carrots with just a hint of caramelization from
the finishing pan… A great accent to any festive meal!

I’ll admit, right off the top, that I have made a few improvements to Grandma’s old family recipe. First of all, I like to use those cute little ‘Baby Cut’ carrots that are so popular these days. And I also like to finish my carrots just before serving, to preserve the buttery flavour that underlies the sweet glaze.

Here we go…

All you have to do is to boil or steam your carrots – which could be baby cut singles, ‘coins’ or ‘sticks’ according to your preference – to your desired tenderness.

Then, in a small sauté or frying pan, melt 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar with 1/4 Cup Butter and stir over medium heat until smooth – i.e.- all the sugar crystals are dissolved and the mixture is syrupy. Add a sprinkle of ground Nutmeg or Allspice and stir it into the warm syrup.

Add the cooked, we-drained carrots and toss until covered in syrup and re-warmed to serving temperature.

A variation…

I like to use Maple Syrup in place of Brown Sugar is it’s available. Adds a whole new dimension of flavour… And, if allergies allow, try Honey in place of the sugar, as well! Make these Glazed carrots your own!


~ Maggie J.