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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Resto and Snacks News!

If you’re hankering for a change from Turkey over the coming days off, look no further: We have a full menu of mains, specials and deals to tide you over Holiday week! And some other goodies that will tickle your Yuletide fancy…

Adult Menu - © 2023 Chuck E CheeseChuck E. Cheese’s is now catering to adults…


Shake Shack Offers Free Chicken Shacks

If you order via the website, the app or through the kiosk at the store. Just make an order of $10 or more from the regular menu and use the promo code ‘CHICKENLINE’ when ordering. You can also get free Bacon Cheese Fries with the code ‘PROFRY’, or as free Classic Shake with the code ‘SHAKESPREAD’. At all Shack locations except in airports and stadiums.

Papa John’s gets back into Stuffed Crusts

It’s been a while coming, but Papa John’s is débuting its first stuffed-crust pie – the new Cheesy Calzone Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Stuffed Crust Calzone - © 2023 - Papa John

It’s classic PJ’s: cheese and pepperoni on top of a thin crust with a big rolled rim, stuffed with mozzarella and garlic-herb ricotta. Now, that’s different! Launches across the chain this coming Tuesday.

Chuck E. Cheese now catering to grownups

Chuck and Co. have bhro0adened their horizons. Part of a renaissance foll0owing a new-fatal brush with bankruptcy a few months ago. Their solution to flagging sales? Cater to the grownups with a new adult menu. (See photo, top of page.) Includes: Signature Meatball, Homestyle BBQ Chicken, Spicy Hawaiian and Spicy BBQ Piggy variants. The new adult menu also adds three new wing sauces and two new rubs.

Car’s Jr. brings back Sourdough Star

It’s a signature Carl’s profile: On thick-sliced (sourdough) bread rather than a bun. The char-broiled beef patty is stacked with two strips of bacon…

Sourdough Star - © 2023 Carls Jr

…classic sauce, caramelized onions, American (Processed) cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Starting this coming week, for a limited time.

Jack In The Box offers Breakfast Jack deals

JITB is offering two regular Breakfast Jacks for $3, and two jumbo Jacks for just $5. At al JITB locations across the US for a limited time. But you must order via the website or the mobile app. Also on ‘twofer’ deals (same conditions apply): two Tacos for 99 cents and two Egg & Cheese Bagel Sandwiches for $4.50.


OREO adds new Cakester, two-Stuf Golden

We just got through announcing a new Gluten-Free OREO last week when Nabisco unveiled two more new flavours for the new year. The Peanut Butter Cakester seems a natural.

PB Cakesters - © 2023 OREO

(Why did it take them so long) But the Golden OREO with half-black and half-white Stuf is a bit of a surprise. Strike a blow for harmony and equality in 2024!

Goldfish celebrate Hello Kitty’s 50th

Hello Kitty is 50 years old. And Goldfish crackers is celebrating with a limited-time special edition of Pink Strawberry Shortcake Flavored Grahams in the shape of Kitty’s head. They’re mixed with Vanilla Graham regular Goldfish, And they’re available while supplies last, at the usual sources.

Cap’n Crunch Christmas Crunch

The only cereal that comes out with a holiday version… The Cap’n has come up with a new mix this year: The Crunch Berries replaced with ‘fun holiday shapes’ including snowmen, stars, Christmas trees, and Santa hats.

Christmas Crunch - © 2023 Capn Crunch

Though once they’re baked (and puffed up), the shapes become hard to distinguish. Go by the colour, I guess.


Dunkin’s Reprises Pink Velvet Macchiato

It’s back for mid-winter, starting December 27, for a limited time. The PVM is actually early rolled-out Valentine’s Day specialty. Sheesh! We’re not even over Christmas and new Year’s, yet! Anyway It’s also one of a fat half-dozen Winter Menu specials om the ‘other’ doughnut and coffee guys…


Squishmallows Happy Meals coming next week

Squishmallows are not edible. But they ‘squish’ like real marshmallows when squeezed. They come in 12 varieties, as the toy surprise in new ‘squish’-themed Happy Meals.

Sqishmallows - © 2023 McDonald's

Starting next Tuesday, at participating McDonald’s locations across the US.

McDonald’s gives Korea a Holiday hug

I wonder what they think of good ol’ Tex-Mex Chili in South Korea? They’re getting it on two limited-time McBurgers over the Holidays. They can chose from two versions: The Double Beef Meat Chili Burger (with two beef patties, American / Processed cheese, Ground Beef chili sauce, bacon, and sour cream ), or the Chili BLT Burger, which drops one of the beef patties and adds lettuce and tomato. Why not here in North America? My birthday is coming up next month. Don’t you love me, McD’s?

And that’s skinny…

… On what’s going to me making some of us a little ‘jollier’ over the Holidays. See you back here in 7 for the pre-New Year’s installment. In the meantime, eat with seasonal abandon and drink responsibly…

~ Maggie J.