Pickle Ranch - © 2023 - Hidden Valley

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

Tis’ the season to update rotating BOGOS and other deals… And announce new and returning summer beverages. On the saucy side: Heinz reveals spicy ketchups; Hidden Valley débuts new Pickle Ranch – as demanded by younger demographics…

Btreakfast Crunch Wrap - © 2023 Taco BellThe new Taco Bell Breakfast Crunch Wrap: Filling to fill out the CR family…

New $5 Del’s Deal Value Meals

Del Taco has put together new $5 Del’s Deal Value Meals which include: a 3-Snack Taco Del’s Deal; a Grilled Chicken Taco Del’s Deal; a Grilled Chicken Taco; a Crispy Chicken Taco ; and a Bean & Cheese Burrito. All choices include a small order of crinkle-cut fries, and a small fountain drink. For a limited time, at participating locations.

Burger King refreshes $6 Your Way Deal

The new Your Way Deal includes: a choice of either a Double Whopper Jr. or Double Bacon Cheeseburger; a value-sized order of fries; and a 9-piece order of regular or Spicy Chicken Fries (while they’re available). Available for a limited time at participating locations U.S. wide.

Carl’s Jr. celebrates 4/20

Carl’s Jr. has launched a new $4.20 Snack Sack in honour of 4/20 (the unofficial annual marijuana celebration day; AKA – April 20).

4-20 Snack Sack - 2023 Carl's Jr

With a 6-piece order of jalapeño poppers, Onion Rings and small natural-cut french fries, it should satisfy any munchy craving. An with the possible exception of the poppers, it’s vegetarian!

Taco Bell premieres Cali Breakfast Crunch Wrap

The Bell’s signature six-sided Crunch Wraps get a new breakfast bro. It features eggs, hash browns, bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes and guacamole. At participating Bell locations across the chain in the U.S.

Jack In The Box débuts New  Pineapple Express menu

The jewel of the collection is a new Pineapple Express Chicken Sandwich. Built on a Hawaiian-style brioche bun, it starts with a crispy chicken breast filet topped by Smokey Pineapple BBQ Sauce, fire roasted pineapple, and hickory smoked bacon.

Pineapple Express Menu - © 2023 Jack In The Box


Looks like a limited-time test item. Just like the accompanying Pineapple Express Red Bull Infusion and the returning.Pineapple Express Shake. It’ll be available April 20-24  at select locations in LasVegas, Las Angeles and Salt Lake City.

Hidden Valley now has Pickle Ranch

Katelynne Hinckley. a Walmart Associate Merchant, came up with the idea: “As a buyer, I’m always on the lookout for new dipping concepts, and after seeing pickle start to emerge as a flavor within snacking. I noticed a social media trend that combined a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch with a jar of pickles,” Hinckley said. “As a leader in the category known for pushing boundaries when it comes to flavor profiles, Hidden Valley Ranch was the perfect partner for a highly credible and exclusive flavor innovation.”

Heinz adds spicy Ketchups

Four, to be exact: Heinz Hot Varieties include new Hot 57 Sauce plus Chipotle, Jalapeño, and Habanero.

Spicy Ketchups - © 2023 Heinz

“Listening to insights gleaned from our audience showed us that a sauce’s heat source really matters to [younger, Gen Z types], which served as a north star in creating new products with curated and flavorful, pepper-specific bases,” said Heinz Brand Manager Lindsay Davis.

Costco tests new OREO Ice Cream

A first for my town! This creamy sweet treat is only being tested at COSTCO food courts in my hometown, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Now you can order a ‘shot’ of OREO or Score bar crumbs and turn your regular plain vanilla soft serve into something really special. Fanns Tweeted, “Fans said Costco’s OREO ice cream has almost, “3x the amount of OREO than in a DQ Blizzard and about 8x the amount of OREO found in a McFlurry.”

White Castle whips up new Shake Parfaits

Choose from 2 flavours: Caramel Butter Cake and Oreo Cookie. Now through the end of August 2023, while supplies last.

Parfait Shakes - © 2023 White Castle

Less a shake; more of a dessert. Make sure to get a spoon…

Dairy Queen pours Small Blizzard through April 23

Now through next Friday (April 23) get a small DQ Blizzard for just $0.85! But you have to order through the mobile app. The deal celebrates the birth of the Blizzard back in 1985! Happy 36th, Blizzard!

And that’s the skinny…

… On everything that’s likely to be making us fatter now through summer… See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.