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Busch Launches New Save The Environment Campaign

It’s as simple as this: You can’t drink beer in space. And to some folks, that’s the scariest aspect of climate change. If climate change wins its current war on our planet, we might have to abandon Earth and live in space…Case Against Space - © 2023 BuschI’m wondering why no-one realized this before now. Doesn’t matter. Better late than never…

The laws of physics

You can’t beat them. So you have to work around them. Here’s the skinny: You can brew beer in space. But you can’t open it safely.

As we all know, a large portion of the pleasure we derive from consuming a bottle or glass of beer is sitting back and admiring the creamy head and wondering at the tiny, orderly bubbles, leaving behind themselves arrow-straight con trails as they rise through their crystal clear, amber sky.

But that’s only possible because we have gravity, and atmospheric pressure, ideal ambient temperatures, and a perfect balance of other physical forces that add up so the perfect ‘Prosit!’

But in space, there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’. Bubbles that on Earth rise from the bottom of their container to the top just erupt in a cloud of random globs and streams. One solution to the problem might be to keep the beer confined and, say, drink it through a straw. But have you ever trued to drink beer through a straw?


Busch has decided to pull an end run on the environment, climate change and its own beer by instituting a clever new program: Just don’t let Earth’s climate be destroyed in the first place.

So, in the name of its flasgship brand Busch Lite, the brewing company is partnering with One Tree Planted and retired NASA Space Shuttle and SpaceX astronaut Doug Hurley to promo its ‘Case Against Space’ program.

“When you’ve spent 93 days in space, it’s easy to recognize the many facets of our home planet that you’ve taken for granted — family and friends, fresh food, personal space, and the ability to drink a crisp, cold beer,” Hurley says. “It’s shocking but true: there is no beer in the final frontier. So I’m partnering with Busch Light this Earth Month to help protect and preserve our only beer-friendly planet, because nothing beats drinking an ice cold beer after a long trip across the universe.”

The deal

When you buy a case of Bush Lite this month, the brewer will donate to One Tree Planted. In return, you’ll qualify for a chance to win a case of Busch Lite and a space helmet ice bucket to keep it cold. One catch: Busch wants you to write a short (300-word) essay, telling them, ‘why we should stay on Earth, and drink beer’.

My take

The hardest part may be having to write that essay…

~ Maggie J.