Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant and Snacks News!

The usual jumble of new and returning burgers and sides, in solos and deals. But the starring category this week is cakes and pastries with no fewer than 4 new menu items. Put on your anti-hype waders and jump in. It’s gonna get deep!

Triple Stack Sub - © 2023 Firehouse SubsThe new Firehouse Triple Stack Sub: Full of umami and tang.

New Smokin’ Triple Stack Sub

Firehouse Subs is stacking up three-meat – smoked beef brisket, smoked turkey breast, and Virginia honey ham – subs topped with melted cheddar, sweet & tangy slaw, barbecue sauce, and mayo. For a limited time only. Full of umami and tang. Smoky BBQ fans, rush on over…

Carl’s Jr. crafts new Deal combo

Like it hot? the new Snack Attack includes a 6-piece order of Jalapeno Poppers, an order of onion rings, and a small order of French fries for just $4.20.

Available now through April 24 at participating locations across he U.S. Free delivery applies April 20o-24 when you order through the website or mobile app.

Arby’s builds new loaded fries

A premium price, but premium ingredients and lots of them. This dish isn’t just a side, it’s a meal! The chain’s crinkle fries topped with warm cheddar cheese sauce, diced chicken nuggets, chopped bacon, and a drizzle of new Sweet & Spicy Sauce.

Loaded Crinkle Fries - © 2023 Arbys

Sounds like a kind of complicated flavour profile, but none of the constituent tastes actually clash with each other. Available for a limited time, from participating Arby’s locations.

Checkers, Rally’s changes up $5 Meal Deal

C&R are subbing in their Mushroom Swiss Burger as an option in their ongoing $5 Meal Deal. The other burger choice right now is a Checker- (or Rallyburger) with 8 Chicken Bites, a small order of Famous Seasoned Fries, and a 16-oz. fountain drink.

Eggos launches three new waffles

Each with its own angle on your 5-star breakfast dreams. Each flavoured through and through with its signature taste:

New Fancy W affles - © 2023 Eggos

Chocolatey Chip Banana Waffles with banana flavor and chocolaty chips; Vanilla Bean Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles adds vanilla flavor to the available choices. The Grab ‘N Go designation means they don’t have to be toasted before serving- a new thing for Eggos; and Berry Blast Mini Toast Waffles in strawberry and blueberry flavors.

Kellogg’s débuts more new Pop Tarts

The new flavour Kind of appeals to me: Banana Bread! I’ve made more Banana Bread in my baking lifetime than I can recall and it’s always been received with a smile. I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad Banana Bread – just different. Kellogg’s new version features a special cinnamon-mollasses flavoured crust and big-banana-flavoured filling. At the usual sources.

Krispy Kreme sprouts Spring Minis

KK is offering four new Spring Minis with bright, pretty, spring-coloured sugar decorations. Get ’em in big boxes that also contain enough original minis to complete the classic mini doughnut 16-grid.

Spring Minis - crop - © 2023 Krispy Kreme

Not much new there in terms of flavour, but some of the  most artistic KK sinkers I’ve seen in a long time.

Rice Crispies ‘Candy Bars’

For ooey-gooey-chewy fans… Think good old Rice Crispies Marshmallow Treats in a chewier, denser format, in two flavours: Original Vanilla and Strawberry. They’re a collab between Kellogg’s and Franklin Candy, and are available via Amazon.

And that’s the skinny on what’s going to make some of us a little fatter over the coming days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.