Tiger Milk Tea - © 2022 Baskin Robbins

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

Now that we’re heading into summer, the snack people are floating their new lazy, hazy, crazy munchables built for the season. And amid those delectables, some patriotic treats from Pillsbury and Hostess, new spicy Gold Fish, and a special collab between OREO and PRIDE month…

Winbg Stop Summer Flavours - © 2022 Wing StopSizzling summer flavours back at Wing Stop…

Wing Stop reprises three summer hotties

The seasonal specialties include: Hot Lemon, Bayou BBQ and Lemon Garlic. For a limited time, the Stop is offering a very special Boneless Meal Deal including 20 Boneless Wings (your choice of up to 4 flavours), a large order of fries and your choice of 2 dips, al for just (US)$15.99

OREO launches first official ‘PRIDE Pack’

OREO, the king of new and wonderful, limited time, themed flavours, is offering it’s first annual official PRIDE package just in time for PRIDE Month.

PRIDE OREOS - © 2022 Nabisco

It’s the third annual collab between OREO and PFLAG National (the largest support organization for LGBTQ+ people, their parents and families, and allies), and it goes well beyond the usual movie premiere or pop music link-up. It’s too detailed a story to do justice to in this small space, but I’ll bring you a full post dedicated to this issue in the coming days.

Hostess commissions patriotic deserts

The brand name Twinkies made famous is offering three limited-edition desserts for Memorial Day and July 4: Red, White and Blue Twinkies, Patriotic Cupcakes, and Strawberry Donettes. Available at all the usual outlets now through July 4, while supplies last.

Pillsbury flies Flag cookies

They’re a collab with Operation Homefront, an organization hose mission is to, “Build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive — not simply struggle to get by — in the communities that they’ve worked so hard to protect.”

Pillsbury Flag Cookies - © 2022 Pillsbury

Pillsbury will donate (US)$0.10 for each code (found on the special packages) entered at the promo website. The cookies come 20 to a box, pre-cut and ready to bake.

Krispy Kreme does Honey Doughnuts ‘for the bees’

KK is offering three special Bee-themed doughnuts for a limited time to spotlight the plight of endangered honey bees. You can get a Honey Bee regular glazed KK sinker iced in black and yellow, a Honey Cake Doughnut, and a special Honey Pull-Apart Doughnut. The Honey Lover’s Dozen pack comes with a special pack of wildflower seeds you can plant in your own back yard, to help the Bees.

Gold Fish swim in Old Bay

Gold Fish crackers have partnered with Old Bay – the famous Crab Boil seasoning from McCormick – on a new limited-edition summer experience.

Old Bay Gold Fish - © 2022 McCormick

Old Bay’s blend of black pepper, paprika, celery salt and red pepper flakes is said to be a perfect complement for Gold Fish’s classic rich, mellow cheesy flavour. Get them from the McCormick’s website, starting soon.

Cheez-It Snap’d pops a hottie

The baked Chip line from Cheez-It is adding a new Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar flavour (accented with garlic and umami seasonings) for summer. It should be in the chip aisle of your fave store by the end of the month.

Baskin Robbins Pops a bubble

BR is shocking some and delighting others by introducing Tiger Milk Bubble Tea (see photo, top of page). It starts with Taiwanese-style Milk Tea, adds brown sugar syrup ‘tiger stripes’, and a layer of black tea. The big finish comes from a handful of brown sugar Popping Bubbles and a scoop of ice cream. No tapioca. I repeat, no tapioca.

And that’s the skinny…

… On some of the primo stuff that will be making some of us a little fatter now into early summer. See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.