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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

Another juicy serving of munchables news here at Fast Food Week! We’ve got everything you might fancy – except new sides. But that’s more than compensated for by the presence of three new Fast Food novelties from home and abroad!

Free Sunday Chicken - © 2024 - Shake ShackThe Shack pokes fun at Chick-Fil-A, trolling the competitor’s
famous ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ promo campaign…

A star-studded lineup

Let’s hear it for the stars of this week’s gala Fast Food ‘show’!


Shake Shack slams Chick-Fil-A

The Shack saw a chance to take a poke at competitor Chick-Fil-A after CFA announced it was bringing back certain hormones in its chicken. Albeit, only those ‘not important to human medicine’. The Shack is offering free ‘antibiotic-free’ Chicken Sandwiches on Sundays under its new ‘Eat More Antibiotic-Free Chicken’ campaign. Place a minimum $10 order through the Shake Shack kiosk, app, or website for delivery or pick-up, and click the CHICKENSUNDAY code to get your freebie…

Panera rolls out ‘largest menu transformation ever’

They’re promoting it as ‘A New Era At Panera!’ There are 9 new menu items and 12 ‘enhanced’ classic items on the block. That’s far too many to list here.

Menu Transformation - © 2024 - Panera

But the entire array is covered in delicious detail in the official Panera news release. Overall, the new menu is designed to offer more healthy alternatives, representing better value, through larger portions and lower prices.

Arby’s updates 2 For $6 menu – again

The guys who’ve ‘Got The Meats’ are subbing out the Crispy Fish and Fish ‘N Cheddar sandwich from their 2 For $6 menu. In its place comes the Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich and 4-piece Mozzarella Sticks combo. Arby’s is fond of springing unexpected change-ups to its perpetual 2 For $6 mix and match menu on fans…

Jack In The Box reprises, updates Popcorn Chicken

JITB is bringing back its popular Popcorn Chicken for a new limited run. But this time it’s available in two versions: Classic and Spicy…

Popcorn Chicken - © 2024 - Jack In The Box

… Both topped with cheddar cheese sauce, shredded cheddar, Good Good Sauce, and buttermilk ranch. Why they need both dressings/sauces I’m not sure. But it probably has something to do with fan demand…

White Castle puts together $5 Bacon Bundle

Choose any 2 sandwiches from among the Bacon Cheese Slider, the 1921 Bacon cheese Slider or the new Chicken Bacon Cheese Slider. Including a small order of fries on the side. or a limited time. at participating locations.

Popeye’s débuts new Spicy Chicken sammy

The Bacon & Cheese Signature Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich tops a crispy-fried chicken breast filet with pickle slices, Harvarti cheese, bacon, and a new signature hot sauce.

Signature Bacon & Cheese - © 2024 - Popeye's

Popeye’s marketing moguls describe it as, “a nice and spicy kick with a dash of southern sweetness.” It’s featured on the Popeye’s website. But it’s not available at all locations…


Sonic blends up new Sundae, Blast

The theme is Big Scoop and the flavour is Cheesecake. The new Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae features regular vanilla soft topped with OREO pieces and a ‘big scoop’ of OREO Cheesecake. The blast is vanilla soft serve with cheesecake flavoring, blended with OREO cookie pieces, and topped with a big scoop of Oreo cheesecake. For a limited time, at participating locations.

Chick-Fil-A brings in Berry Bevs

CFA is pouring a slate of frosty berry-themed drinks over the coming spring. Try Cherry Berry Sunjoy; Cherry Berry Lemonade; Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade; or Cherry Berry Iced Tea.

Berry Bevs - © 2024 - Chick-Fil-A

“Our guests have always enjoyed both cherry and berry flavors, especially during the spring season,” a CFA statement says. “Be on the lookout for other exciting beverage flavors to come, and maybe a few familiar favorites from the past!”


Pop-Tarts adds Crunchy Poppers

These bite-sized crunchy Poppers are the latest Pop-Tarts made specifically for snacking. They’re crunchy little pastry pouches stuffed with either strawberry or brownie filling. “We wanted to give our fans even more occasions to enjoy the brand… just with a little more crunch,” said Heidi Ray, Senior Director of Marketing, Pop-Tarts. Perfect, Heidi adds, for either personal or party enjoyment…

Cup Noodles stirs up new Everything Bagel flavour

It is just what it says: The usual instant Ramen noodles and additions. But instead of broth, you get a creamy sauce when you add the boiling water. And the flavourings consist of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, caraway seeds, garlic and dried onion. The sauce is a from-powder take on cream cheese. It’s available exclusively from Walmart – at least for now. See our detailed look at this ‘polarizing’ new treat in this space tomorrow, under the Sunday Musings banner…


Jimmy Fallon shares his Pan Pizza

Fallon is the affable – sometimes racy – host of The Tonight Show. And he’s particular about his pizza. So he got together with Pizza Hut and the celeb chefs at NYC boutique pie shop Chain to offer you his personal fave pan pie.

Fallon Pizza - © 2024 - Chain Pizza

Jimmy’s Personal Pan Pizza is built on a buttery, ‘flakey’ crust, topped with Chef Tim Hollingsworth’s original spicy red sauce and a four-cheese blend. It comes with a side of ‘pepperoni chips’ and a cup of dippable ‘Super Ranch dressing’. For a limited time only, of course…

’15 reasons why McD’s overseas menus are better’

The guys and gals at quirky, gnarly FoodBeast have been at it again, curating a list of their 15 fave items from McD’s ‘international’ menus. How about a Chicken Maharaja Mac from India? An Egg BLT McMuffin from Canada? A Big Brekkie Burger from Australia? A Grand Tasty Turbo Double Bacon Burger from Argentina? Or Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti from the Philippines? That’s just a taste of the wild and wonderful ‘international’ menu items you’re missing out on, in the boring old USA…

Burger King cooks up ‘Fake Burger’ in Japan

It’s really just a handful of fries covered with Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce and sandwiched between two slices of Gouda cheese. All on a sesame seed bun. Call it an update on the ‘original’ Fake Burger, offered on the Japanese market 4 years ago with notable success.

Fake Burger - © 2024 - Burger King Japan

How unhealthy the predominantly fat-and-carbs ‘burger’ may be is up for debate. But whatever they’re charging for it, the profit margin must be healthy. Fries and bread are among the cheapest ingredients a Fast Food joint can put on a plate.

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s going to be ’rounding out’ some of our winter-worn physiques over the coming days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next gym-ready edition of fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.