Taco Bell Nacho Fries - Lg - © 2018 Taco Bell

Fast Food Week!

I make this post to emphasize a point: The longer one is around on this old Earth, the more one gets to know about this old Earth. That includes food trends and fads and everything else that makes this old Earth go around. And I’ve often said, all Lettuce and no Ice Cream makes Maggie a dull girl…

IHOP AYCE Pancakes 2018 - © IHOP 2018It’s back. And IHOP can afford to serve you as many pancakes as you can hold and still
make money. Cost to make 1 Buttermilk Pancake? Probably no more than  a dime.

One of the main issues I fought with over my many years as an adult, responsible for my own food choices is, what does ‘good food’ mean? Certainly, ‘good’ has to include ‘wholesome’, ‘healthy’ and ‘fresh’. But, at the same time, one’s diet needs some quotient of the serendipity. That includes ‘yummy treats’, ‘sinfully rich stuff’, ‘whacky novelties’ and ‘traditional faves’ that might not be considered all that ‘healthy’ anymore.

The point is, you need a mix of the two ‘goods’ to be both healthy and happy. And that’s why we bring you Fast Food Week every seven days!

Taco Bell Nacho Fries rolled out nation-wide

The Bell is launching its new Nacho Fries across the U.S. after extensive low-key test marketing. Crusted with Powdered Nacho Cheese, these fries will be available off the Dollar menu as well as in $5 Deal boxes. ‘Loaded’ versions of the Fries will be available, too, featuring Beef, Pico de Gallo, Nacho Cheese, and Sour Cream, and can be ordered in two different sizes. Watch for the big launch January 25.

McD’s Fresh Beef initiative may see Return of Arch Deluxe’…

McDonald’s has been floating a number of R&D projects over the past year or two and not saying much about how those efforts are progressing. Now, we hear from reliable sources that the burger Giant is considering reviving the ‘Arch Deluxe’ Burger in a slightly new form as part of its coming ‘Fresh Beef’ initiative. We already know that McD’s is pledging to being in a Fresh Beef Patty Policy sometime this year for it’s Quarter Pounders. Now, it looks like they’re testing a new Arch Burger: It’s described as a 1/6 Pound (3 oz. / 85 g) Cheese, Pickles, Onions, and Arch Sauce. It’s clear, from the revival of all the Dollar Menus and meals that we’re in the middle of a fast food price war. Fittingly, the new Arch goes out for (US)$2.19. At seven locations in and around Tulsa OK.

IHOP comes through with AYCE Panakes…

The House Batter Built is offering All You Can Eat Pancakes until February 11. Just order either:

  • a full stack of five Buttermilk Pancakes


  • a short stack of two Pancakes along with a plate of Eggs, Hash Browns, and a choice of Sausage, Ham, or Bacon

– And get additional short stacks of two buttermilk pancakes until you’ve had your fill. All for (US)$3.99.

Gatorade Nikes hit the market…

You can get real, official ‘Gatorade’ Nikes for a little under (US)$175. a pair until they’re gone. Among the new line are flavour-coloured models of several top-end shoes like Air Jordan VIs, Air Jordan XXXIIs and an Air Jordan VI ‘Gatorade’, a green shoe with orange detail. Get ’em in shades of Gatorade inspired colours including Lemon Lime, Grape, Cool Blue, and Orange. Each pair  also comes with a dual-branded Jumpman and Gatorade hand towel and matching hangtag.

And that’s it…

Things are sill pretty quiet on the the Fast Food Front, after the Holidays. The big players announce a whole slew of new initiatives before Christmas, Now, we just have to wait for the actual rollouts.

~ Maggie J.