Crispy Fish Sandwich - Final - © Arbys

Fast Food Week!

The week between Christmas and New Years is traditionally quiet on the Food News front. But there’s always something to report. And this year, Church’s Chicken took advantage of the dignified silence from its competitors, took the stage for itself, and rolled out a major menu revamp!

Crossanwich Bogo Buggaboo - Final - © 2017 Burger King

Burger King has quietly settled the ‘bogus BoGo Croissan’wich coupon deal’ law suit…

BK Settles Crossan’wich BOGO lawsuit – You may get Free Food!

When Koleta Anderson looked at her receipt after cashing in on a 2-for-1 Crossan’wich coupon deal at Burger King, She knew something wasn’t right. She was supposed to have bought one and got another just like it free. But it looked like she’d been charged more than the price of a single for both. She got no satisfaction from store staff and carried on to vent her ire on her lawyer. The outcome, after several months of negotiations, was that BK admitted no wrongdoing, but extended a big rebate program. You’ll be eligible for a $5 payment or a $2 Gift Card if you qualify for the program. You have until January 19th, 2018 to file a claim form, which you can do at this website.

Arby’s has brought back a Fancy Fish Sandwich

They call it the Nashville Hot Fish Sandwich, but it contains Catfish, as you might expect, but Alaskan Pollack. The stuff they used to never talk about as human food and shoveled by the ton into the Cat Food making machines. But fear not. Pollack has elevated itself from Junk Fish to common fare in the past few years. On the Fish you get: Nashville Hot seasoning, Dill Pickles, shredded Iceberg Lettuce, and Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch sauce on a Sesame Seed Bun. You can also get the sandwich on a folded flatbread, if the bun doesn’t turn your crank.

Church’s Chicken launches all-Meat ‘MegaBites’

MegaBites are large chunks of boneless Breast Meat that are ‘hand-battered and breaded and deep fried. Your order of 8-piece MegaBites order includes a cup of Killer Bee spicy Honey dipping sauce. The chain is offering eight Chicken MegaBites, your choice of two sides and a Honey Butter Biscuit for $5. They’re also offering 20 Chicken MegaBites for $10 – sort of a come-on to choose Church’s for holiday and game day entertaining. If you believe in a more balanced diet, you can also get an 8-piece meal deal with two sides and a Honey Butter Biscuit.

In fact, Church’s has pretty much revamped its whole menu…

…Aside from it’s basic, fried Chicken Classics. There were no fewer than 21 new-menu-item announcements by the plucky Chicken Sector challenger over the past week. Go on in and see what’s new in Smokehouse Chicken, Texas Pete spicy selections and sides…

Alas! That’s the lot for this week.

See you in 2018 for our first Fast Food Week roundup of the New Year!

~ Maggie J.