Fast Food Fries - © Todd Brock - aht

Fast Food Blind Taste Test Redux: Fries

Okay… We reported last week on a recent BuzzFeed Fast Food Burger Blind Taste Test. The results were as surprising, for some, as the comments from the ‘civilian’ tasters. Now, it’s time for the Fast Food Blind Fries Taste Test. And, this time, the tasters’ comments take the spotlight…

What goes in... - © McDonald's CanadaWhat goes into a Fast Food Fry (above) will look and taste very different
when it comes out, depending on
the franchise at which it’s prepared!

They got back the same taste testers and put them back on the same set. But this time, they gave them samples of fries to try from half a dozen major outlets. While the Burger taste testers last week mainly debated the origin of the various samples they were served, comments on the fries swung way over to the subjective…

“This tastes like paint!” a male reviewer said of one sample.

“This tastes like a fry made by someone who doesn’t usually make fries!” said another.

“It’s like a fry that you’ve made out of Play Dough…”

“These look like ‘reject’ fries. Like they’re discount fries.”

“That’s so gross!”

…and the crowning condemnation:

“Eww! Eww! Eww! Eww!”

Naturally, the words ‘salty’, ‘crispy’ and ‘soggy’ were much bandied about.

In the end, more of the tasters could correctly identify their ‘favourite’ fry than could correctly identify their ‘favourite’ burger in the previous test. And there was no clear winner among the six mega-brand fries.

So. Now you know!

~ Maggie J.