Fast Food Ads vs. Reality: Take II Plus!

Happy Sunday! Here’s a little weekend treat for you… No major decisions or heavy thinking required… Just kick back and enjoy this new take on the ‘Ads vs. Reality’ angle on Fast Food presentation. But take Note: There’s a new twist, here, on ‘having it your way’ at any burger joint!

Intrepid blog-activist prepares to ask for it ‘his way’ (i.e.- like it looks
in the ads)
at McDonalds!

Yup! There’s been no fundamental change, since the ‘Ads vs. Reality’ posts started appearing on the big wide Web years ago, in the disparity between what the Fast Food ads show you and what you really get at your local burger outlet.

But, now, one intrepid blog-activist has taken the thing one step farther: He’s asking Burger Joint Managers to ‘make him another one’ – one that looks like the picture on the corporate website!


~ Maggie J.


  1. Got to give that a try next time I’m at Wendy’s or McD’s.

    1. Author

      Definitely let me know how your experiment turns out! ~ M.J.

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