Nasturtium Flower - ©

Edible Flowers Add Flavour, Glamour

Edible flowers burst on the scene a decade ago as garnishes on Classic French and Nouvelle Cuisine dishes. But their use goes way back, some – like Lavender – for hundreds of years. And you can actually grow many at home or gather them in the wild, depending on where you live.

I know you’ve all had lots of experience with fresh Herbs in cooking all sorts of things. You may even have played with Lavender in Salads or Rose Water in your baking odysseys. But Edible Flowers open up many other doors to new flavours and creative presentations…

I happened across an Edible Flowers infographic while I was surfing around for info on a completely different topic. But that topic must now wait for another day…

Nasturtium Infographic - © of the flowers celebrated on the Edible Flowers infographic at

These are  just the most popular Edible Flowers. Don’t forget Squash Blossoms and the other items on the comprehensive list at Wikipedia!

~ Maggie J.