Ramsay and his $106 Burger - © Gordon Ramsay via Instagram

Doesn’t Gordon Ramsay Know There’s A Pandemic On?

Apparently not. He’s busy in London, (UK) opening a new highest-end resto dedicated (oddly) to Burgers. But not just any Burgers. And prices for his Burger creations are among the highest you’ve ever heard of short of Ramsay’s restos in Las Vegas…

Harrods London - © Harrod's, LondonHarrood’s, London.

The crowning glory of Ramsay’s new eatery – located in tony Harrod’s Department Store – is a very special item named the Wagyu Burger— is slated to feature a 100 percent UK heritage beef patty, seared Wagyu sirloin, fresh black truffles, and truffle Pecorino cheese. Just keep in mind though, fries are sold separately.

That last detail, about the fries, is something of a snootyism statement, considering the Burger itself is priced at right around (US)$106. On the other hand, Plain Old Fries are priced at (US)$9.99 on the original Gordon Ramsay Burger in the Plant Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. And the Wagyu Burger isn’t even on the menu, there.

Other ‘popular’ selections from the London main menu range from (US)$33. to (US)$59. and there is lots of choice.

Ah… There’s a catch!

(As Hamlet would have lamented –) There’s the rub. Harrod’s in London is closed indefinitely due to the current COVID-19 lock down, there. All Ramsay’s organization will say is it’s hoped the resto will premiére next month.

Do we need this?

Apparently Harrod’s thinks so. And I imagine its filthy rich patrons won’t care about the price. Traditionally, Harrod’s customers have included Royalty, Titled Nobility and the tippy-top upper crust of the rich folks stratum. Way back when, there was a saying, ‘There is only one Harrod’s. I’ve always thought, that’s because the world’s ultra-rich class isn’t large enough to support any more than one!

But I also think that anyone with resto business experience anything am extensive as Ramsay’s would say, this is exactly not the best time to open a new resto, economically speaking. Probably the worst,in fact! Well, it’s his millions on the line…

And I’d have thought he’d feature a higher-class menu in a resto under the same roof as Harrod’s. But I’m guessing London’s high-status population is currently languishing under one of its ‘everything American is super cool’ delusions, again.


Know that opening an ultra-high-end Burget resto may be one of the now well-known and feared lasting-brain-damage risks of COVID-19 on the Ritzy-ditzy class. Be glad if you’re just getting by under the lock down with no pay cheques and constantly wavering government support, and are therefore immune to this wacky side effect of the pandemic virus!


~ Maggie J.