Competition Desperation: Starbucks ‘Reserve’

Here we go again. More menu desperation. And, again from one of the leading players in its niche, trying to remain the leader. Remember when we told you that Starbucks was experimenting with selling Wine? And when they started experimenting with home/office delivery? Now it’s…

Starbucks Reserve Launch - © StarbucksBarristas at the official launch of Starbucks Reserve Roastery and tasting Room
in Seattle, WA. Are you ready for even-pricier Coffee?

‘Starbucks Reserve’, a new line of premium products in a new premium environment has launched its pilot store in Seattle, WA, the chain’s home base.

Officially dubbed ‘Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room’, the place is, “…the fulfillment of a decade-long dream – an homage to our relentless pursuit of coffee innovation that will create for our customers the most immersive, sensory demonstration of how we source, roast and craft the finest coffee from around the world,” according to Howard Schultz, Chairman, President and CEO of Starbucks.

The official launch news release goes on to say: “More than two years in development, this unprecedented experience will allow customers to engage with Starbucks passion for coffee through moments of education and discovery devoted to beverage innovation and excellence. Every detail of the space was chosen with intention and reflects the handcrafted nature of coffee from bean to cup.”

Such high-flown language seems to have been chosen with intention to justify an eve-higher-priced Coffee ‘experience’ than standard Starbucks, with the lowest-priced cup starting at (US)$3. You be the judge, when and if a Starbucks Reserve emporium comes to the fancy, fashionable downtown shopping neighbourhood in your great metropolitan city.

~ Maggie J.