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Chinese New Year: Insure Prosperity in 2015!

Tomorrow is Lunar New Years – more commonly known as Chinese New Years, but celebrated by a number of Asian Cultures. The celebration runs through March 5, culminating in the Lantern Festival. Between now and then tradition holds that it’s important to eat the right things to ensure prosperity in the coming year!

Whole Fish Wok Fried - © myfilipinokitchen.comA Whole Fish, Wok fried or over-baked in foil, will guarantee good things
for you and yours all year long – from head to tail!

Listen up! This is important!

To ensure good health, happiness, longevity and good fortune, make sure you eat the following, early and often:

  • Lobster is for happiness.
  • Shrimp (and Fish) are for luck.
  • A whole Fish, Wok fried or oven baked in foil will ensure good things for you all the year long!
  • Lettuce is for fortune.
  • Noodles are for longevity. The longer the noodles, the longer you’ll live!
  • Though not all authorities agree, some consider it important to east lots of Dumplings to ensure good things, in general. Go for Dim Sum this Sunday!
  • Sweet Sticky Rice or Rice Cakes are for ‘early prosperity’.
  • And, finally, Almond Cookies are generally considered the best way to top off your New Year’s Festival repasts, to ensure good luck.

Don’t forget to have on hand…

  • Tangerines for luck.
  • Oranges for wealth.
  • Pomegranates for fertility.
  • Traditional Red Envelopes with gold symbols, containing Lucky Coins.

And decorate with:

  • Red!
  • Gold!
  • Lanterns!

Okay! You’re ready to do Chinese New Years properly!

Oh… The Dragon and the Lion and the firecrackers? A must to scare away evil spirits and bad luck!

Gung Hei Fatt Choi!

~ Maggie J.