Scorpion Pizza - © 2014 Calgary Stampedede

Calgary Stampede = Ultimate Menu Madness!

I’m not going to say much about this one. Just point you to the original story and let you take it from there. The folks who provide sustenance for Calgary Stampede revelers have totally outdone themselves this year, offering some of the craziest menu items this side of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ home field

Scorpion Pizza - © 2014 Calgary StampededeScorpion-topped Pizza. Just because. Don’t try this at home!

How about a nice slice of Scorpion Pizza? Or a sleeve of Deep-Fried Cheezies?

No, I’m not kidding.

Or a plate of Crocodile Sliders? Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly on a stick? Maybe a Poutine Burger…

Then there’s the ultimate culinary contradiction: Deep-Fried Sushi!

Visit this Yahoo! post for the full menu – and try to keep your lunch down…

This is just the latest chapter in the developing story of Menu Desperation marketing that’s plaguing the fast-service restaurant industry’s most crowded niches.

When, I wonder, will it all end?

The moral(s) to this story…

1. Just when you think culinary ‘creativity’ can’t get any crazier…

2. Some things – like Scorpions – are just not meant to be eaten.

3. In an age when eating fresh and knowledgeably is an increasing concern, the nuts and faddists will swing their pendulum just as far the other way – toward Crazyville. Witness: Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly. Or, as cooks would call it, Bacon-Wrapped Bacon.

~ Maggie J.