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BONUS POST: Super Bowl Specialties!

Today, we’ll take it easy and showcase a selection of special Super Bowl culinary tributes. I made a couple of obvious Google searches and came up with an overwhelming flood of recipes and creations designed to further glorify the most glorious American Football Event ever mounted!

Sandwich Stadium - Super Bowl Food - © sportsmockery.comSandwich Stadium. One of many featured on Superbowl Sunday
at Bars and Restaurants across the land…

The Half-time Show will cost an estimated (US)$10 million, including wardrobe malfunctions. A record TV audience will watch, all over the world, wherever U.S. Football Fans congregate. A 30-second TV commercial will cost (US)$5 million. Tickets to the game itself will go for record prices, both at the box office and on the scalper’s walks. Many of the tickets will be genuine. This is Super Bowl LI (51).

And, following are links to some of the more creative Super Bowl culinary creations I’ve discovered…

And… The pièce de resistance:

  • The Super Bowl Sandwich Bowl diorama! (Pictured above…)

These links will open the way to a host of others – all dealing with Super Bowl Treats. Some nice, some nutty, some downright outrageous!


~ Maggie J.