Tall Sabayon - © afanaticalfoodie.com

An Easy, Quick, Fool-Proof Elegant Dessert

Here’s a quick and easy recipe (more of a technique, really) for a super-elegant, creamy  delicious dessert. I’ve used it many times when something more complicated that I’d planned didn’t turn out right or wasn’t ready soon enough. And everybody showered me with compliments…

Zabaglione over Strawberries - © Food Wishes via YouTubeClassic presentation of a Zabaglione; warm, over fresh Fruit and
caramelized on top with a torch…

Sabayon, also known as Zabaione and Zabaglione, is an Italian custard dessert that you can make in under ten minutes and serve immediately, even though there are those who insist it’s better chilled and set. Either way, it incorporates only a few ingredients, all of which any home cook should have on hand, and it’s simple to make.

I learned to make this dish when my original dessert failed to turn out in time for luncheon service at the restaurant run by my Culinary School to give students real0life experience. I had rtpo do something in under ten minutes and my Chef instructor just winked and said, “Don’t worry. You’ve got this.” We used Bailey’s Irish Cream as the alcohol. The Italian tradition involves Marsala Wine. You can use whatever alcohol you like!

You’ll need:

1 Egg Yolk for each serving you intend to make

1 tbsp of granulated Sugar for each serving you intend to make

1 tsp Sweet Wine, Fortified Wine or Liqueur of your choice for each serving you intend to make

1 small squeeze Lemon Juice

Set up a double boiler…

Just get a pot of water simmering (no more than a slow boil) on the stove top and select a stainless steel bowl slightly larger than the diameter of the pot. Place the bowl over the hot pan, tilting the bowl about 30 degrees, and add the Egg Yolks, Sugar and Lemon Juice. Whisk until the colour changes from the original deep yellow to a lighter ‘canary’ shade, indicating that the Yolks have been completely blended and some air has started to become incorporated in the mixture.

Next, add the Wine/Liqueur and continue whisking until the volume of the Sabayon increases by three times over the original. The mixture should be thick and creamy by this time, definitely not lumpy. If you see lumps, you let it get too hot and scrambled the Eggs! Try again with a fresh bowl. From start to finish, this dish should take no more than seven or eight minutes to make.

Finally, serve in ‘balloon’ style wine glasses or champagne ‘coupes’ (the low, wide bubbly glasses). Add Fresh Fruit, Chocolate Shavings Chopped Nuts or whatever you want. to complement the flavour of the alcohol. Chill before serving if desired.

All that’s left after that is to bathe in the adulation of your adoring dinner guests!

~ Maggie J.