A Scrambled Egg like no Other – Just for Fun!

Okay… I saw this whacko post on the Big Wide Web recently and had to share it with you. I’m usually against anything people do with food that’s just nutty, or is simply something to do just because it can be done. But I like this nutty idea for a couple of practical reasons. You’ll see why when you see what’s all about…

Scramble an Egg! © 2014 YouTubeScramble an Egg in the shell! It’s fun and it’s mostly harmless.
(Click on the image to view the full You-Tube video…)

That’s right… Put a raw Egg (in the shell, of course) in the sleeve of a long-sleeved t-shirt or sweater (not one of your favourites, of course) and tie off with two pieces of string as shown in the photo above. Then take the sleeve by the cuff in one hand and the shoulder in the other and give it a twirl. it’ll get all twisted up, of course. Then, pull outward on the ends of the sleeve to untwist it violently. Do this four or five times. (It’s good upper-body exercise!) Et Voilà! The Egg should now be perfectly scrambled – in the shell!

You can cook it like a boiled egg or crack one or two into a skillet and cook like regular scrambled eggs. Season to taste, of course.

Why do I like this?

Three reasons, really:

First, it allows perfect portion control. That’s something you’ll be interested in if you’re on an anti-cholesterol diet. It also comes in handy to avoid feuds between kids who will, otherwise, always think their brother got the bigger half.

Second, I like that it saves me washing at least one bowl and one fork.

And third, I love to do this when entertaining at breakfast. Twist as many eggs as you’ll need before hand and don’t tell anyone. Observers’ eyes will glaze over when you crack the eggs and they’ll say, “Wow! How’d you do that?” and, “What kinda chicken did you get that from?” Hey! Everybody has a little Houdini in them!

~ Maggie J.