Creamed-Onions- © 2013

Here’s an oldie but a goodie! Creamed Onions were a cornerstone of festive family dinners in my Grandma’s day, but they’ve fallen out of favour in recent years – probably because they require a certain amount of time and fussing to make. Still, I think you’ll agree the results are worth the effort!

We’ve all heard the recent – and plentiful – reports about how good Sweet Potatoes are for us. But many I’ve talked to have balked at trying them, because they once had some bland, boiled, mushy, stringy ones at Aunt Gertrude’s one Thanksgiving. But just wait til you try mine!

Casserole Stuffing - ©

My heritage is Scottish-English – on all sides – so one thing I just have to have at any festive meal is Stuffing. And it doesn’t matter what the main dish is – Turkey, Ham, or whatever – you can still have lovely, moist, crunchy-topped savoury Stuffing – baked in a casserole.

Broccoli - © 2008

Rarely does a week go by that one of my online subscription services doesn’t dump another ‘Eat Your Way Smarter’ or ‘Eat These Ten Foods to Enhance Your Brain Power’ story in my mailbox. I’m getting pretty tired of all the hype – so let’s deal with it…

Glazed Baby Carrots ©

Grandma didn’t have much to work with, but she worked wonders with what she had when it was time to put a festive meal on the table. One of her secrets was to make every-day staples extra special for the holidays – and her glazed carrots were always a favourite of mine!

McDonalds Logo - © McDonalds 2013

You read right. McDonalds – inventor and still king of the ‘standard’ burger – is experimenting with offering custom-order sandwiches. Hold the Special Sauce? Double Pickles? Sure! But, for now at least, you’ll have to go to Laguna Niguel, CA, to try it out…