Classic Heinz Ketchup bottle - Detail - © Stewart Williams

UPDATE: Heinz Finds Ketchup Man!

Remember the Guy who survived more than three weeks lost at sea on a bottle of ketchup, garlic powder and bouillon cubes? Heinz offered Ketchup Man a new boat to get his business back on the rails. But they couldn’t track him down! Now he’s surfaced…

Man survived on Ketchup - © 2023 - Colombian NavyElvis François receiving emergency medical care after
being plucked from doom on the high seas…

Elvis François was working on his sailboat when currents swept the craft out to sea off the island of St. Martin in the Netherlands Antilles, where he lives. He was spotted by a passing aircraft and plucked from the clutches of doom over three weeks later by a merchant ship alerted by the Colombian Navy.

“At some point I lost hope and thought about my family. But I thank the coast guard. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be telling the story,” François said.

All things considered, he was in pretty good shape. The medical people checked him over, patched him up and set him free with no further questions asked.

But, in the confusion and hubbub, he had to abandon his boat. And nobody thought to get a forwarding address. Then, along came Ketchup King Heinz which wanted to celebrate Elvis’ survival by giving him a new boat. Just one hitch… He had disappeared.

Heroic effort pays off

So, Heinz tossed a social media ‘message in a bottle’ into the Caribbean and waited for word. More than 4.8 million views and 4k Likes later, a record was set and and Elvis was located, on the island of Dominica.

Elvis has re-entered the building!

Remember how concert organizers got fans to go home after an Elvis Presley gig? “Elvis has left the building!” they would sternly advise over the PA. There would definitely be no more encores that night. Allow me to resurrect and update that iconic assertion:

“Elvis is back in the building!”

And Heinz is ready to move on the new boat.

We anxiously await word on when the new vessel and Elvis will be united in burnin’, burnin’ boatrimony. Sit tight…

~ Maggie J.