Butter Trudeau Beaver - © 2016 Julianna Hagan

Trudeau: Better Made Out OF Butter?

I guess it was inevitable. The 2016 Canadian National Exhibition Butter Sculpture Contest features a bust of prime minister Justin Trudeau. It’s a really good likeness. I just wonder whether it was really necessary to create it four times life-size. As well as wrapping him in a Canadian Flag…

Butter Trudeau - © 2016 Julianna Hagan

I can’t, however, argue with giving him a little Beaver buddy sidekick! I mean, how Canadian a pet can you get?

Artist Maria Cupani really nailed the way many Canadians – especially women – feel about Trudeau. Is it my imagination or has Cupani portrayed him as just a little smug?

I just wanted to share this with you, by way of celebrating the 2016 CNE Butter Sculpture Contest. The Butter Sculptures were the first things I wanted to see when I was taken to the CNE by my parents as a little child, way back when. I’ve often thought that my fascination with the CNE Butter Sculptures was the fist flowering of my lifelong interest in food. Back then, there were no computers, no cell phones, no Internet, no self-driving cars. But there were, every year, amazing butter sculptures! Some things, thank goodness, never change…

Buttery Justin is on display in the Better Living Building, until the Ex closes.

~ Maggie J.