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The Last Word On The GMO Issue?

Noted science presenter Neil deGrasse Tyson is fronting yet another documentary, this time exploring the controversy surrounding the safety of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The goal of the the project is to promote rational discussion and sound science, and dispel ‘fake news’ generated by ‘bad science’…

Tyson Hosts Food Evolution - © foodevolutionmovie.comNeil deGrasse Tyson narrates the documentary Food Evolution.

“Bad information got swept into a culture where people’s feelings overrode any hope of access to accurate, emerging scientific truths” Neil deGrasse Tyson, narrator for the documentary sponsored by the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT), said in a Facebook post.

The IFT hired a neutral, objective independent film maker, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, who has no ties to the food industry, no scientific background, and a neutral stance on GMO foods. They gave him some cash and that’s where the IFT’s involvement ends. The information presented and the conclusions drawn in the film will be entirely those of Kennedy and his team.

Tyson says his personal goal in making the documentary, to which he is a script consultant, is to address and combat the rise of ‘fake science news’ by focusing on how the phenomenon has affected the high-profile issue of GMOs.

“If you start basing laws that are not anchored in objective truths, it is the beginning of the end of an informed democracy,” Tyson warns.

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~ Maggie J.