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The Carrot Dog: Answer To The Faux-Veggie ‘Marrot’?

Never let it be said that the rivalry – no matter how good-natured – between the Vegetarians and the Carnivores isn’t intense and persistent. Just a month after we reported the unveiling of a ‘Meat-based Carrot’, Veggie forces have given the world The Carrot Dog. Coincidence? Maybe…

The Carrot Dog - © 2019 By CHLOEFrom this angle, at least, the Carrot Dog looks just like a conventional
Frankfurter. And it gets a thumb’s up for flavour and texture
from at least one competitive eating champion.

Arby’s – the guys who boast, ‘We’ve Got The Meats’ – débuted the Marrot, a Meat-based ‘Carrot’, last month, just to show the world that the faux foods craze could work both ways. Some hard-core Veggie Protein supporters claimed Arby’s was flipping them a big, orange middle finger. And now, the folks who brought you the smoked Watermelon ‘Ham’ have retaliated with a Carrot Burger.

How they made it

Samantha Wasser, founder of plant-based Protein brand By CHLOE, partnered with Watermelon Ham developers Harry & Ida’s Meat & Supply Co. to create the Carrot Dog. Hand-picked, perfect-sized Carrots are cured with Seasoning and Spices and then smoked for an unspecified period of time over a natural Oak and Maple fire. Then they’re aged for 5 days. The aging produces a ‘natural casing’, approximating the appearance of a traditional Tube Steak. It’s cooked in the traditional way, on a grill, and can be served up with all the usual Hot Dog toppings.

“Our goal is to offer our guests clean, yet satisfying plant-based options without any artificial flavors or foreign ingredients, and the Carrot Dog aligns perfectly with our mission,” Wasser told reporters. “I was completely blown away by [Harry & Ida’s] creativity and knew we needed to work together to introduce The Carrot Dog to the world!”

A professional’s opinion

Guinness World Record champion competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi also got in on the launch, remarking:

“I’ve seen and tried many vegetarian hot dogs, and personally hadn’t found one that I enjoy until I tried by CHLOE’s new Carrot Dog. The smoky taste of the carrot in the bun is something really unique and different, and I love that it’s made with only carrots and no processed ingredients.”

Kobayashi sticks to a ‘mainly vegetarian’ diet between competitions.

I’m suspicious of the timing…

Wasser claims it took the best part of a year and a half, and more than 100 experiments to develop the Carrot Dog, but I’m suspicious of the timing. The delicacy was unveiled July 1, just days before the annual Nathan’s Famous Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest on July 4.

I’m also compelled to observe that the Carrot Dog was and remains available at all By CHLOE vegetarian restaurants in the U.S., whereas the Marrot was just a promotional stunt that never actually made it to Arby’s outlets, even on a very limited basis.

The takeaway

Okay. You’ve both made your point. Meats can be made to mimic Veggies, and vice-versa. And they might actually be pretty good tasting. Is the world on the edge of its seat waiting to see what Arby’s does in counter retaliation against the Carrot Dog? I don’t think so. One round of this culinary boxing match was fun – even cute – but it’s time to call it a draw and get on with your lives, guys.

~ Maggie J.