Game Day Food - Key - © Triple Tri @ Flickr

Super Bowl Food Post Mortem…

I’ve not seen any official numbers, yet, but the volumes of ‘game day foods’ consumed by Super Bowl viewers this year are apparently heading way over the top of any previous records. You can tell by the volume of advertising for Wings, Pizzas, Dips and Chips prior to the big game…

Game Day Food - © Triple Tri @ FlickrA high-end Game Day Finger Food Feast blends the classic with the contemporary:
Note the traditional Seven-Layer Dip (lower left), Fruit-Cheese-Veg trays/bowls
and not one but two pots of Chili (rear, centre). But then, there’s the
Stuffed Tater Skins, Pizza Rolls and Spanakopita
(front and middle, centre and right)!

…Not to mention take-out Fried Chicken, Ribs and Pastas, Pigs in Blankets, Mini Egg Rolls and their all their Dumpling kin, Nachos, Tacos, Dogs and Burgers, Battered and Breaded Steak Fries, Chicken Nuggets and Tenders, ready-to-zap Sliders, and all manner of other wild and crazy munchies.

Part of the reason for the escalation is, people are getting more serious about their Big Sports Game parties. Tail Gating is now more popular across the U.S. that ever before and this particular culinary niche reaches ethereal heights of elaboration, skill and finesse at events like the Super Bowl.

Add in the trend in recent years for the folks with the Really Big Flat Screen TVs to host Game Day parties where the food and beer just keep on comin’!

It’s a recipe for the Perfect Food Storm. Or will it be the Perfect flood fight?

I invite my faithful readers to send me any info they come across about $-values and amounts of Super Bowl Food consumed this past weekend. I’ll publish a complete rundown in about a week! Stay tuned!

~ Maggie J.