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Season’s Drinkings: Around The World!

Today, we feature a handy guide to Christmas season beverages from all corners of the world. The rundown includes familiar drinks such as Swedish Glögg and Irish Cream, but the compilers also visited the traditions of places like Jamaica, Thailand, Lithuania and Chile. Try something different this year!

Swedish Glögg - © expedia.comSwedish Glögg is a beverage ski enthusiasts have probably tried, or at least heard of before. It’s Mulled Wine on steroids, with added Rom and Brandy. The Irish Cream recipe is rich and boozy with a cup and a half of Whisky, real Cream, Chocolate syrup and a tough of Instant coffee…

Irish Cream - © expedia.comIn Jamaica, they enjoy Sorrel Punch, with Citrus Fruits, Hibiscus flowers and, of course, rum.

Lithuanians prefer non-alcoholic Poppy Seed Milk. But I guess you could spike it, if you want to.

Romanians favour Tuicá, which can best be described as Sugar Plum Brandy.

In Chile, the drink of the season is the exotic Cola de Mono, or ‘The Monkey’s Tail’. It’s a milk-based concoction with Coffee and Spices. And a South American liqueur called Aguardiente, or ‘Fire Water’, made from Anise Seeds and Sugar Cane.

There are several more! Explore the Expedia page!

~ Maggie J.