Red meat is okay! – And other revelations…

Yes! At last, one respected authority has proclaimed red meat is healthy, another says coffee can be good for you, and other lately-chagrined foods are having a day in the sun. The key to making ‘bad’ the new ‘good’ is – and you know this already! – moderation

'Rocky' - © United Artists 1976Red meat and daily exercise go hand-in-hand in forging a healthy lifestyle!

A recent Chatelaine magazine article contends that things we like (even love) – things which have lately been condemned as ‘bad for us’ – can actually be good for us, if handled correctly.

  • According to a Harvard University study, two cups of coffee a day can help fight diabetes, burn fat and combat depression. But that only goes for two cups a day. More than that can make you jittery and result in other unwanted symptoms.
  • Chocolate can help lower your blood pressure. But it’s the cocoa that’s good for you, not the sugar or fat or milk solids (in milk chocolate). Use bittersweet dark baking chocolate or cocoa in your ‘treatment regimen’.


  • An article in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says an enzyme found in red meat can help reduce body fat and preserve muscle.

And that’s just the beginning.

But, as I said earlier, extracting good from that which, by tradition, is dietarily evil, depends on practicing moderation.

My take…

I say: This is just another indication that no food item is really bad for you, ‘too much of a good thing’ is a valid caution, and common sense must prevail in the building of a healthy lifestyle…

Maggie has spoken.

~ Maggie J.