Positive Vibes Power New Take On Vegan Fried Chicken

A new UK vegan fried chicken product checks all the boxes with its claim to replicate the experience of eating real chicken. It’s Fried Chicken with attitude and some claims that bear checking…

Product Lineup - © 2023 - Vegan Fried Chicken

New VFC Vegan Fried Chicken: Even comes as Chicken feet ‘Stompers’…

Or it seems to check them all. You’ll have to be the ultimate judge of that – if you can get your hands on some, outside the UK. Let’s just say they that probably won’t be today or tomorrow, but it will be soon, if I’m any judge of these things. Anyway….

Perfect fried chicken checklist

What do you look for in perfect fried chicken?

  • Crispy on the outside?
  • Juicy on the inside?
  • Not overly oily anywhere?
  • Tastes like real chicken?
  • Mouth feel/chew like real chicken?
  • First-bite delight thanks to a perfect balance of all of the above?

Well, VFC’s new product checks all those boxes and more.

A rebellious streak

Veganaury-founder Matthew Glover and chef/restaurateur Adam Lyons founded the VFC company in 2020, developing a product that reviewers say may have unlocked the ‘plant-based fried chicken code’. VFC says it’s leading a ‘positive rebellion against climate change, environmental destruction, factory farming, and slaughterhouse processing’.

One food blogger says, their stance is clear: save chickens.

Secret’s in the processing

Their protein is a blend of soy, wheat, peas, potatoes, and fava beans – not unlike competitors’. But their end product is something else, reviewers say. The secret seems to be in the processing. And the process is something that VFC sn’t telling us much about.

VFC’s products include Chick*n Filets, Chick*n Tenders, Popcorn Chick*n, and Chick*n Feet ‘Stomper’ Bites (die-cut ‘nuggety’ finger poppers designed for dipping). Flavours (for now) include Original Recipe Crispy, and Spicy.

Non-chicken with attitude

One look at the VFC website makes the company’s position clear. ‘Food That Takes No Prisoners’, says one main-page subhead. ‘Thanks. Colonel… We’ll It From Here’ says another.

They’re even running a ‘Chickens Spared’ ticker (based, we assume on their sales) since their launch in 2020. The counter was currently at a relatively modest 266,893 when we were there. But McDonald’s ‘Billions and Billions Served’ counter didn’t start off in the stratosphere, either.

VFC’s bold attitude even permeates their newsletter signup page: ‘Join The Rebellion!’ it’s headed. In the fine print:”We ever SPAM because SPAM’s not vegan.”


I haven’t had the chance to actually try VFC myself, yet. But enough other reviewers/bloggers from all walks of online life have, and it sounds as though it will be  a hit. We’ll keep you informed as developments proceed…

~ Maggie J.