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New Poppy Seeds Don’t Trigger Drug Tests

Remember, a long time ago, when I told you about the horror story of a woman who had her child taken away and crazy drug allegations lodged against her, all because she ate a Poppy Seed Bagel the day before she gave birth? A routine urine test nearly ruined her life, but that need not happen any more!

The Mort family - © libertyunyielding.comThe Mort Family… Together and living happily thereafter…

The Jameson Health System Hospital in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, took away Elizabeth Mort’s newborn moments after she gave birth in April, 2010, because they thought they’d detected signs of drug use. What a mess! But, now, a specialty foods company in the U.S. has created a new Poppy Seed that ‘safe for pregnant women’.

Fuerst, Day, Lawson Ltd. (FDL) of London has developed a new Poppy Seed that still has all the flavour but only a tiny faction of the morphine of regular Poppy Seeds. Regular Poppy Seeds have about 900 parts per million (ppm) of morphine in them, plenty to trigger a drug test failure. But the new FDL seeds have only about 20 ppm of morphine, which the company says is highly unlikely to cause a urine test failure for opioids.

That’s good news for expectant mothers who love their Poppy Seed and Everything Bagels, but bad news for druggies who’ve apparently been trying to use the ‘Bagel’ excuse to explain away drug test failures.


Production of the new Poppy Seeds is still ramping up, but FDL expects them to be a great hit with bakes the world over. Stay tuned for the launch of ‘morphine-free’ Bagels in your market!

~ Maggie J.