Lasagna Nachos - Detail - © 2016 Sgt. Pepperoni's

Menu Madness: Lasagna Nachos?

Yes, says Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizzeria in Newport Beach, CA. You have to see them to believe them and you’d have to taste them to get the full impact of this over-the-top concept. I’ve declared this menu item a Menu Madness’ contender. But, at the same time, I’m seriously considering replicating them at home.

Lasagna Nachos - © 2016 Sgt. Pepperoni'sSgt. Pepperoni’s Lasagna Nachos. Absolutely loopy. But guaranteed to be delightfully
What ‘Nacho’ wouldn’t be, with all that Cheese, Meat and Sauce?

On a base of crisped (deep fried?) Lasagna Noddle pieces, the Sgt. layers mozzarella cheese, Italian meatballs and marinara sauce. Lots and lots of Meat, Cheese and Sauce. You can eat it with your hands if you want, but most folks will want to use a fork and, possible, a spoon. You don’t want to miss a drop of those yummy toppings!

Lasagna Nachos will be featured at the Noods Noods Noods Asian Food Festival on January 14 at the eSports Arena in Downtown Santa Ana, CA.

Just how ‘Asian’ Nachos and Lasagna are, I just don’t know. But these crazy Santa Ana food festivals are always a showcase for crazy, indulgent, Cheesy menu monstrosities! If you’re in the area in a couple of weeks, don’t miss it!

~ Maggie J.