Double Down Dog - Key - © 2014 McDonald's Restaurants

Menu Madness: KFC’s New Double Down Dog!

It seems that no more than a couple of weeks or so go by without a new eruption of Menu Madness on the over-crowded Fast Food scene. This time, it’s KFC, who are revisiting an old idea to stir up some new interest among jaded, over-hyped – and over-fed – lovers of deep-fried, take-out fare…

Double Down Dog - © 2014 McDonald's RestaurantsThe new, extremely rare Double Down Dog from KFC. Only for a limited time,
and only in the Philippines!

Yes, KFC is rolling the dice again, doubling down a second time with it’s latest crazy menu item. And it seems that not even KFC is expecting this one to be around long.

“Only 50 pieces will be served in participating stores!” the advertising shouts. That advertising, by the way, is running solely on social media – perhaps also in the participating stores – and it appears that the whole thing is an unabashed publicity stunt.


The New ‘treat’ is called the Double Down Dog. it’s a hot Dog served in a deep-fried chicken Breast instead of a regular bun. Remember the Double Down Sandwich? Bacon and Cheese between two breaded Chicken Breasts?

What kind of feedback will KFC get on the social media circuit to this ‘flash mob’ offering? I fear that yours truly is playing into their hand by posting about it. But that’s the blogging biz.I think they might just ass it to their menu in selected markets of the response is positive enough.

That’s the deal.

Also, you can only get it in selected KFC outlets in the Philippines.

Savvy marketing? Or crass, horn-blowing grandstanding?

Your call.

~ Maggie J.


  1. I need to get on the NEXT flight to the Philippines.

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