Lighter Fare For a Mind-Fogged Monday Morning

Just to ease us all back into another work-at-home week under (in places) re-tightening of COVID-19 anti-pandemic regulations. I’ve stumbled across some great news for folks whose isolation bubble may well be worth many millions more than my humble abode…

Markys Beluga Caviar - © MarkysMarky’s Pure Bred Beluga Caviar: Available legally
for the first time in ages in the U.S.

Word is just out about a breakthrough in Caviar farming that effectively makes real Caspian Sea Caviar legally available in the U.S. (and other ‘western’ countries).

The word ‘legally’ is the key, here: There’s always some stratospherically high-priced black market trade in products and commodities that have been outlawed for some reason or other in one jurisdiction but are still freely available elsewhere.

Take Paté de Foie Gras in California, for example. The state at one point outlawed the sale of the pricey stuff after animal welfare folks complained that it was made (which it is) by force-feeding geese to ensure they develop fatty livers, which are coveted by connoisseurs as luxury eats.

Similar claims about the exploitation of Caspian Sea Sturgeon (whose eggs are he basis for widely-beloved Caviar) resulted in the banning of importation of the stuff to the U.S. In fact, the only Fish Egg products that can now legally be called Caviar come from pure-bred Caspian Sturgeon.

Now, a breakthrough!

After it was found that the key Caviar-producing species of Sturgeon was being seriously depleted in its home waters, the U.S banned importation of the highest-grade Fish Eggs products, the so-called ‘Huso-Huso’ Beluga Caviar, became almost impossible to get, and only on the Black Market, at prices that only gazillionaires could afford.

Now, a fish farming outfit called Marky’s Caviar of Bascom, Florida, has successfully grown Caspian Sturgeon and harvested its eggs, making Marky’s the only brand that’s both the real deal, and legal in the U.S. at the same time.

Price still an object

That’s not to say the stuff has dropped in price at all. I don’t know what the Russian real deal deal was selling for on the Black Market, but Marky’s Pure Bred Beluga (see photo, above) is priced at (US)$450 per oz. / 28.5 g. You can order it (only from Marky’s, via their website) in various larger sizes up to 17.5 oz. / 500 g, priced at $12,760.

But the point is, you can now get it in the U.S.

Planning a party?

If you were contemplating brightening up your week by ordering some Marky’s Beluga Caviar to fête the début of the new product, why not make it a real occasion by stocking in a case of the world’s most exclusive Champagne: Dom Perignon Rose Gold at a mere $15,120 per bottle? And don’t forget the Black Perigord Truffle (see photo, top of page) at a mere $75 per oz. / 28.5 g when ordered online!

Ah, Monday! Your unofficially official day-dreaming day each week!

~ Maggie J.