Chipoltle Chorizo Burrito - © Hollis Johnson via Business Insider

Law Suit Over ‘Too Large’ Burrito

If you thought the U.S. was the litigation capital of the world, here’s more proof: a crazy potential class action suit over a Burrito. It wasn’t too hot, or too cold, or too small. It was too big, and ‘must have had’ more calories than the provider, Chipotle, advertised…

Chipoltle Chorizo Burrito Menu - © Scott Weier via TwitterThe official word… Chipotle’s says it’s new Chorizo Burrito clocks in at only 300 Calories.
But some diners think they’re getting too much for their money!

According to, the proposed class action suit was filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court by David Desmond, Edward Gurevich and Young Hoon Kim, patrons of three different Chipotle restaurants. They claim that Chorizo Burritos they bought over the last month at those locations were bigger than advertised and ‘must’ have contained more than the 300 calories Chipotle advertises on its menu. And that, they plaintiffs allege, constitutes a breach of warranty and violations of California’s Businesses and Professions Act.

In the statement of claim, Desmond said that he “felt excessively full and realized that the Burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories.” The two other primary plaintiffs tell similar stories.

The class action suit, if certified, would include anyone who bought a Chorizo Burrito at any of the three Chipotle locations cited over the past month.

What’s the problem?

The Twitterverse has seen its share of action over the question of Chipotle’s veracity when it comes to advertised calorie counts on its menus. Opinion seems divided, there.

If it was me – or, as I contend, any other sane normal person – I’d be happy to get a big Burrito. I’d say, “Wow! This thing’s a monster! I can take half of it home for lunch tomorrow!” Not these guys. They seem to be after bigger game. They are probably hoping for a settlement from Chipotle that includes cash as well as Burritos for life – small ones, of course – or some such arrangement. Forget about working hard for a living and saving for retirement. Just use any excuse you can find to sue a big corporation or a rich individual and you’re set for life!

Maybe Americans have collectively lost their minds, in desperation over the erosion of their lifestyles and the implacable growth of their household debt since the millennium. But making spectacles of themselves with ludicrous class action lawsuits is not the way to deal with their problem. It only amplifies the notion that they’ve gone off the rails. Sadly, it also indicates, to objective observers, that some of them, at least, are willing to sacrifice their self respect – for a Burrito.

~ Maggie J.