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Just For Fun: Pizza On The Space Station!

An Italian Astronaut is currently crewing on the International Space Station. And he got a little homesick for his favourite foods. So, he requested NASA send up the makings for a Pizza. And they did! The result was a live broadcast from the ISS of the crew making and eating Pizzas – in weightlessness…

Paolo Nispoli, the Italian astronaut, decided he wanted to throw a Pizza Party for his fellow members on the ISS Expedition 53 crew. He requested the ingredients and the folks on the ground did their best to get together a do-it-yourself Pizza kit for the next supply shipment.

The Kit included Boboli prepared personal Pizza Crusts, Pizza Sauce (in a squirt bottle, of course), Salami Slices and Grated Cheese. Each participating crew member got to dress their own Pie.

While it was not the same as fresh, home-made Pizza, or even Earthly take-out, the Space Pizza was heartily welcomed gratefully received.

Want more? On his latest ISS flight, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield – one of the most active ISS crew members ever, with respect to communicating with the public on the ground – made the first Space Burrito, with help from Earthbound Chef Traci des Jardins…

The universal food…

It’s said that every culture has it’s own version of Pizza – some sort of Flat Bread tradition. Pizza has gone up to the ISS before, but that was a special order from Pizza Hut, delivered to a previous crew. Now that Pizza has been made on the ISS, it is truly Universal!

~ Maggie J.