Elkin Egghead - © Josh ELkin via Tik Tok

Josh Elkin: Chief Cracking Officer For Eggdom

Officially, social media icon and Cooking Channel chef Josh Elkin is now Chief Cracking Officer (CCO) of the American Egg Board (AEB). It’s a title designed to lend his alacrity with hen fruit to the latest AEB promo campaign. Not to mention his established rep as an unofficial egg-bassador…

Elkin Egg Burger - © Josh ELkin via PintrestJosh Elkin’s Breakfast Egg Burger: Just one example of his winning ways with eggs…

Who is Josh?

According to the official AEB news release: “Josh Elkin is an Internet personality, chef, host, cookbook author and content creator. He is most known for his unique take on food and recipes that have resulted in viral Internet sensations, especially on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Elkin previously hosted the Cooking Channel show Sugar Showdown and was the head chef for the YouTube show Epic Meal Time. He currently hosts his own popular cooking series across social media.”

His Cooking Channel bio adds: “Josh Elkin is widely known for his unique take on food, and his unusual talent for turning edible dishes into incredible works of art. Many of his masterpieces such as, The Poutine Tornado, Chicken Wing of Thrones and Breakfast Jenga have gone viral.”

And Elkin himself says he’s proud to be the face of #CrackItWithAnEgg, promoting the use of eggs ‘in uneggspected new ways’: “I’ve made it my life’s mission to champion the limitless potential of the incredible egg,” Elkin says. “Eggs inject so much flavor and texture to any dish, without breaking the bank. It’s an honor to be recognized for my efforts and to serve as the inaugural Chief Cracking Officer.”

Okay. I guess he’s qualified.


That’s the social media address of Elkin’s official CCO ‘office’, where he’ll showcase new and unusual ways to prepare eggs. And the AEB says there are near-infinite ways to do that.

“The genius of an egg is there’s nothing it can’t crack, whether you’re looking to surprise your family with a new weeknight favorite, spice up date night or stretch your budget a little further,” Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board, says. “Josh’s ‘never skip egg day’ mantra is what distinguished him from the other applicants we considered for this critical new role. He knows what [problems] an egg can crack and pushes the boundaries of what they can do culinarily. We can’t wait to see what he cracks next!”

Elkin will lead a corps of, “other culinary and lifestyle influencers to crack summer entertaining, midnight snacking and more with eggs, and will be sharing additional tips and recipes via Instagram.”

Get all the details

Get all the details and access loads of egg knowledge and lore at IncredibleEgg.org.

My take

I approve the AEB promotion unreservedly, in the light of recent findings that run contrary to earlier theories that eggs are bad for you. You can enjoy an eggs day without fear of over-cholesterolling yourself. Latest studies show dietary cholesterol has no direct link to serum, or blood cholesterol. Just be mindful of how you prepare your eggs, and what you put in and on them. That’s where you can booby trap an otherwise healthy, nutrient loaded food!

~ Maggie J.