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Here’s the 2017 Flavour & Trend Report!

Toronto’s THP Agency, which serves the creative needs of the big food brands, has issued it’s second annual Flavours & Trends Report. The findings are intriguing but don’t really reflect the reality of most folks’ every-day lives. They will, however, either enthuse or enrage the foodie community…

Chachos Mighty Four Pounder - © Chachos via FacebookChacho’s Restaurant in Texas offered up this completely nutty Four-Pound Taco
this past year. Look for more such ‘Extreme Indulgences’ this coming year.
Though, I don’t know how the food nuts out there will top
the excesses of OozeFest

The THP Agency’s report is based on indications they get from clients about next year’s advertising and marketing themes, as well as continuing signals from the food world about what’s what’s coming down the trend machine pipe. The first thing you’ll note is the skew toward Foodie and Food-Forward trends, Next, you’ll see the usual selection of cultural cuisines that are due for the spotlight this coming year…

  1. Filipino Food: I’ve talked about how enticing Filipino Food can be, especially when you’re craving heat. But the nation’s unique culture also has some trademark desserts. Give ’em a try if you have the chance!
  2. Souping: This is, essentially, taking whatever you think you go together and throwing it in a blender with enough liquid to make a thiuck soup. Depending on what you throw in, you might not even have to cook your creations. Smoothies go main-course.
  3. ‘Fancy Fizz’: Augmented Soda Water. Add Fruit garnishes or other enhancements to your sparkling Water. But keep it healthy!
  4. Fat Pack: That means Fat is back in style, at least in the foods you love. Go ahead and put a pat of Compound Butter on that big, juicy Steak! Have some more Cheese! Add more butter than you used to. Butter is Better is your creedo! You get the idea.
  5. 50 Shades of Black: Black is the new Black, at least in the world of up-scale Food. Black Pasta, Black Sauces. Black everything. No thanks for me, please.
  6. The New Jewish: This is more of a movement than a trend; an effort to re-make Jewish culture classics as new,up-scale treats. Motza Ball Ramen, anyone?
  7. Asian Desserts: As mentioned above, under Foilipino Foods, Asian deserts are due to make their appearance on the world food stage. I’ve long loved the sweets that the 20+ regional cuisines of India offer. And I’ve recently had my eyes opened to those Filipino Desserts, which are unlike anything I’ve tried before. And there’s even more out there, if you go looking…
  8. ‘Island Inspired’ cuisine: That’s the Asia-Pacific Islands. Back to that Filipino hook, again. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, for me at least, hold the Gourmet Poi.
  9. Artisinal Jerkey: Can’t be much better than regular Jerkey. In which case, I say pass.
  10. Extreme Indulgences: A nice way of saying crazy, huge, spicy food creations that no one in their right mind would tackle. I thought the ancient and venerable Dagwood Sandwich was crazy – albeit lovable in its time, But recent riffs on that theme are downright crazy and some are even, potentially, deadly!

So… What do you think?

Overall, I think a few of the forecast trends are likable, even lovable., But the majority, I think, are just to give the super-high-end-eateries something to do that they haven’t done before. Or, sell lots of new blenders or Sparkling Water machines. The line between ‘trend’ and ‘fad’ is definitely blurred in this exotic Top Ten List from THP. We’ll look back and see how right they are this time next year…

~ Maggie J.