Cinnabon Frosting Tub - © Cinnabon

Fast Food Week – Quick Service Resto And Snacks News!

Lots of holiday novelties – edible and wearable – some back from years gone by and others all-new, and some good, old-fashioned Burger and Pizza deals. And don’t miss the latest gear from Mountain Dew and Pizza Pizza… No better time to start getting into the Holiday Spirit!

Froot Loops Candy Canes - © 2020 - Froot LoopsHere they are: A refreshingly bright-coloured selection of Candy Canes, naturally
flavoured, just like Froot Loops. Change-up from Red, White and Green
this year and make your season a little more special!

Wendy’s updates 2-for-$5 Deals

The new featured choices include the new Classic Chicken Sandwich and the Dave’s Single (Beef Burger). Additional possibilities for the mix/match offer remain: the Spicy Chicken Sandwich; the 10-piece Chicken Nuggets; and 10-piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

Little Caesar’s brings back Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser

Caesar’s recaps its popular Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pie for the holidays. Need a quick Pizza fix or supplies for an ad hoc Streaming-fest? It’s available for Hot-N-Ready walk-in orders from 4 pm. to 8 pm. but can still be ordered the usual way outside those hours.

Popeye’s adds new Thanksgiving special

The chain’s signature whole-deep-fried Cajun Turkey is back for the Holidays. Order early to ensure you have one reserved. They’ve also got what they call a Churkey Special this year, intended to feed a smaller crowd, which consists of 8 pieces of Fried Chicken, a side of your choice and Biscuits. Check out your local Popeye’s outlet for other spot specials.

Cinnabon offers tubs of its classic White Frosting stand-alone

Be the envy of your sweet-toothed family and friends this season just by carrying around a pint tub of Cinnabon’s signature White Cream Cheese Icing. Try it on anything… Get the limited-edition Signature Cream Cheese Frosting pints at Cinnabon mall bakeries nationwide or order from third-party food delivery services with prices starting at $5.99.

M&Ms teases us with White Chocolate Sugar Cookie flavour

The Holidays will be a little more special this year if you put out a bag of White Chocolate Sugar Cookie Flavoured M&Ms. The biggest deal about these limited-edition Holiday-special Sugar bombs is the Cookie-crisp centres. Available now through the end of the year.

Kellogg’s floats Candy crossover

Kellogg’s, which is the mother brand of Froot Lops Cereal, is selling Froot Loops-flavoured Candy Canes this Holiday Season. Featuring all the colours of mascot Toucan Sam’s brilliant plumage, these come 12 to the box, just like regular Canes from Allen’s (and others)Candy and other purveyors. If Froot Loops are a big deal at your house, get a box to make Christmas Morning a little more special.

Novelty Alert! MNTN DEW publishes improbable Cookbook

The Dew has released a new Cookbook just in time for the festive season, jam-packed with real recipes for all seasons. Its 96 pages hold the secrets of a wide variety of dishes including: Green Grilled Cheese; Cheesecake; and even MTN Dew Infused Jalapeño Poppers. Add to that a few nutty Cheetos collabs (the latter being a related Brand under the Pepsico umbrella), and you’ve got a great novety gift idea for folks like us who love to cook! Order from the new Mountain Dew online store, along with other MD brand merch.

Wrap yourself in Pizza bliss…

For those who dream of Pizza even when the house is full that irresistible Turkey-roasting aroma, there’s a new Pizza Hut Pizza-themed cozy blanket this Holiday. It’s round and warm and fully-packed with weights to make sure it doesn’t fall or fly off. At 72 in. / 180 cm diameter, it can even help you monitor your COVID-19 social distance. Check it out at: at .

And there you have…

… Our the pick of the tops of the Crème de la Crème of the latest offerings from the big Fast Food and Snacks purveyors. See you back here in 7 days for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.