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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

It’s definitely Super Bowl Season! Lots of major players are getting into the act with specials, seasonal products, game-day snacks, and big-time Bowl-Day contests. And let’s not forget Valentine’s Day and all its attendant celebratory goodies!

Candied Bacon Whopper - © 2024 - Burger KingThe new Burger King Candied Bacon Whopper

This week’s best of the best…


Burger King Sweetens up Whopper

Behold the new BK Candied Bacon Whopper! It features the well-known and loved half-pound BK beef patty topped with crispy onions, garlic aioli, and sweet bacon jam, all nestled in a sesame seed bun. At participating BK locations now, for a limited time…

KFC offers 8-Piece Chicken tub for $10

Not a bad deal: the usual chicken packs and buckets cost an average of $2 per piece. Alas… The deal is available only when when ordering online through their app or website, at select locations. Another attempt to coerce us to use the not-in-person ordering methods…

Taste of KFC deal showcases sides

They call it ‘A Taste Of KFC’, and it costs $20. But it contains six pieces of Original Recipe fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, sweet corn, mac & cheese, and four biscuits.

Taste of KFC Meal - © 2024 - KFC

An invitation too newcomers to familiarize themselves with the Classic KFC menu! And a reminder to fans to ‘order the sides’…

Arby’s updates Mix and Match deal

The February 2024 Deal menu includes: Classic Roast Beef, Crispy Fish and Fish ‘N Cheddar sandwiches. The Mix and Match is a really good deal, since it costs, on average, $5 to buy any of those Sandwiches individually.

SONIC pulls out Pork specialties

SONIC doesn’t do ‘New’ lamely! They’ve launched a new trio of Pulled Pork mains designed to give the BBQ classic a fresh look. Feast or the new Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich, the Pulled Pork-topped PP BBQ Cheeseburger or the Pulled Pork BBQ Totchos.

Pulled Pork - © 2024 - SONIC

Totchos are Tater Tots smothered in pulled pork, cherrywood smoke sauce, cheese sauce, and shredded Cheddar cheese. Available chain-wide from February 5 to March 31.

Pizza Hut débuts Hot Honey Pizza and Wings

The Hut is introducing Hot Honey mains – in answer, it says, to overwhelming demand as expressed in it’s annual Trend Report, which nailed ‘Swicy’ as the next big thing. The pizza features ‘cupped’ crispy Pepperonis. And the wings come in traditional bone-in or boneless. The ‘hot’ in the Hot Honey sauce is Habañero Pepper…


Look at Hardee’s cute heart-shaped biscuits!

Awww… They’re back for Vanentine’s Day! And fans are both happy and relieved. For some, the celebration wouldn’t be the same without them.

Heart-Shaped Biscuits - © 2024 - Hardees

For other’s it may be the only V-Day special goody they get. Nevertheless. They’re available now, through February 14. And you can also get them as the base for any breakfast sandwich.

KFC intros new Smashed Potatoes Bowl

It starts with mashed potatoes topped with Secret Recipe Fries, cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, and a three-cheese blend. It’s the first time KFC has mixed mashed spuds with fries. An unlikely alliance? Maybe… But folks who tried it during last year’s test in Pittsburgh said they loved it.


Dunkins unveils V-Day Doughnuts

Dunkins is adding 2 new doughnuts to it’s returning Valentine’s Day roster: Brownie Batter and Cupid’s Choice.

V-Day Doughnuts - © 2024 - Dunkins

Some of Dunkins regular doughnuts also get a ‘makeover’ with pink and sprinkles or candy hearts. And check out the special V-Day merch at the select locations chain-wide.

Krispy Kreme releases V-Day selection

KK has announced its 2024 doughnut selection, the ‘Valentine’s Day Dough-Notes Collection’. They’re all hart-shaped, filled sinkers decorated with sprinkles, crumbles and icing roses. Lot’s chocolate dip going on, too. Get them in a customizable Dough Notes Dozen Box, or a special 6-pack available at select grocrey stores.

Cheetos frees a Crunchy Buffalo

That’s the name of its latest new flavour. And CB is a permanent addition to the Cheetos family. Chester’s team says the new snack offers a hint of Buffalo Wing heat and zest.

Crunchy Buffalo - © 2024 - Cheetos

It’s apparently the Cheetos contribution to the Super Bowl Game-Day-eats cavalcade that’s been appearing over the past several weeks.

Jack’s Links partners with Lays

… And the result is a collection of new Jerky and Meat Sticks products blessed with Fritos Chili Cheese and Flamin’ Hot flavours. They’re actually an expansion of an existing Jack Link’s x Frito-Lay line-up. At the usual Jack’s sources, or order online at the Jack’s Link website.

Ben & Gerry’s scoops new Sweet & Salty flavours

B&J’s is now showcasing new PB S’mores & Impretzively Fudged ice cream in selected grocery stores. They’re crunchy, salty and chocolatey.

Sweet and Salty - © 2024 - Ben & Gerrys

Impretzively Fudged features chocolate-dipped pretzels. S’Mores incorporates ‘XL pieces of chocolate peanut butter cups’ and Graham Cracker crumbs.

Jimmy John’s reprises Valentine’s Day dessert

The old fave Red Velvet Cookie is back for Valentine’s Day. And it’s accompanied by a new Red Velvet Brownie. Sweets for your sweetie on the fly. Available now through February 24, at participating JJ’s locations.


Steak ‘n Shake brings back OREO Red Velvet Shake

Steak ‘n Shake is bringing back its seasonal Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Shake. Even better, it’s crowned with whipped cream, a Maraschino Cherry and… a whole OREO Cookie! Available now through the Big Day!


Door Dash showers One Lucky Winner

Door Dash is promising one HUGE gift dump on one lucky fan on Superbowl Sunday. The food delivery company is promising to shower the winner of its ‘Door-Dash-All-The-Ads’ contest with everything advertised on all the Super Bowl game TV ads.

Door-dash-all-the-ads - © 2024 - Door Dash

That will include: a 2024 BMW All-Electric i5; enough Popeye’s wings to feed 150+ of your friends and family; a 30-pound bucket of mayonnaise; a Kawasaki Ridge UTV; 25 cans of Pringles, Oreos, Reese’s, cash and more. Visit: www.doordash-all-the-ads.com for details…

DiGiorno brings back the ‘Doink!’ Challenge

It’s becoming a Super Bowl tradition! The ‘Doink!’ challenge goes thus: Fans can enter a national drawing for a free pizza here. Every time a kicker hits the upright – a ‘DOINK!’ – a name will be drawn to receive a free pizza. “Last year, we débuted our DiGiorno Doinks promotion and we couldn’t have scripted it any better for football fans in Kansas City and across the country,” said Kimberly Holowiak, DiGiorno’s Senior Brand Manager. “Since kicking and special teams continues to be such an important part of the game, we’re doubling down on our Big Game offer.”

Domino’s débuts new Hangover Menu in Netherlands

Folks love to party in the Netherlands. They decriminalized Marijuana use before any other western country, and are known as big drinkers.

Hangover Menu - © 2024 - Domino's

Now Domino’s is offer three new recovery aids: Hangover Fries, hangover Pizza and Hangover Loaded Fries. They’re all loaded with meats, cheeses, Pizza topping veggies and various sauces. There’s one spicy element in the family: North Africa Harissa. And you can order a vegan version of the Pizza.

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s going to be helping some of us add a little more ‘insulation’ over the coming winter days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next milder-than-usual-for-the-season edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.

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