Ultimate BBQ Chicken Slaw Sammy - © 2023 KFC

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

Wow! Just about every major sandwich player has something new or is bringing something back from the ‘vault’ this week. Costco is causing consternation offering a $9.99 Roast Beef Sammy!

Roast Beef Sandwich - © 2023 CostcoCostco’s new $9.99 Roast Beef Sandwich. Causing all kinds
of clamor – which amounts to free publicity…

Costco rolls out new $10 sammy

Costco is being reamed by food court fans over its new Roast Beef Sandwich. The thing is priced within the realities of current inflated meat prices at $9.99. But compare that, fans point out, with a whole Costco Pizza for the same price. And what about the famous Costco hot dog and drink combo for $1.50. Can there be any doubt that Costco prices its food court menu with an eye to loss-leaders designed to draw in new and repeat customers?

Checker’s and Rally’s bring back Buford

The bursting-with-beef Buford is back with twin beef patties, and dressed up with classic toppings including: two strips of bacon, two slices of Swiss cheese, iceburg lettuce, tomato, crinkle-cut dill pickles, red onion slices, ketchup, mustard, and mayo.

Big Swiss Buford - © 2023 Checker's and Rally's

Have one for lunch Monday, and you may not need to eat again until supper Wednesday! For a limited time, at participating locations.

KFC testing two new luxe Chicken sammys…

In the never-ending quest to elevate its chicken sammys above the competitions’, KFC is test marketing two new grab-and-go meals on a bun in the Tampa Bay area. Behold the The Ultimate BBQ KFC and the Spicy Slaw Chicken Sandwich. Try ’em solo or as a combo with a medium drink and your choice of regular side. For a limited time only…

… Spins a $10 Bucket of Chicken or Tenders

It’s clearly a promo for KFC’s online ordering app. You get what amounts to a 45 percent discount on a regular 8-piece bucket, when you order with the mobile app or online.



In an unusual move, KFC is also extending its 2-For-5 wraps deal an additional two weeks (through March 19, 2023), citing, “popularity and consumer demand.” At participating locations across the U.S.

Smashburger offers first-class Lenten fish

Your annual journey through the Easter season need not be one of extreme deprivation. Smashburger is bringing back its Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich March 3 through April 7, 2023. And there’s a special BOGO deal buy-one-get-one-free deal on every Friday during that period through April 7. The sammy starts with a toasted bun, and the fish is topped with American (Processed) cheese, lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce.

Ell Pollo Loco adds beef

Such is the success of El Pollo Loco’s Double Chicken Tostada Salad that the Crazy Chicken is adding a Beef version for a limited time.

Beef Tostada Salad - © 2023 El Pollo Loco

It starts with a double portion of shredded beef, fresh avocado, shredded lettuce, pinto beans, Mexican rice, sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, and pico de gallo. Note, also, the creamy cilantro dressing on the side. Available now through April 19.

Hostess Kazbars a cross between candy and cakes

Now, this is a really decadent sweetie! New Kazbars come in two varieties: Chocolate Caramel and Triple Chocolate. Both feature multiple layers of chocolate cake interlaced with layers of creme, candy crunch, and either caramel or chocolate fudge. Coming mid-March to the usual outlets across the U.S., as singles and in boxes of 8.

Reese’s collabs with Reese’s-themed doughnuts

There are three new opulent-looking sinkers from KK which fans of Reese’s will adore: REESE’S Salty Sweet Crisp Doughnut; REESE’S Salty Sweet Crunch Doughnut; and finally, the REESE’S Outrageous Doughnut.

Reeses Big PB Cup Doughnuts - © 2023 Krispy Kreme

If you noticed similaties with Reese’s latest REESE’S Big Cup versions – it’s no mere coincidence…

Starbuck’s automates custom orders

I was shocked to hear that special-order beverages generate $1 billion in sales each year. The percentage of orders that included flavour shots, syrups and other extras has doubled since 2019. And more than 60 percent of all drink orders last fiscal quarter were special orders. So I guess it’s natural hat the prestige coffee company would add machines designed to automatically produce special orders faster and more accurately than human baristas. Starbucks is designing the new machine itself and says it may take some time before it actually rolls out…

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s going to be making some of us a little fatter over the coming days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.